Global Corporate Security (GCS)

At GCS, we are the experts who ensure the safety and security of India’s largest private sector company by harnessing expertise from across the spectrum to provide end-to-end security for the enterprise. GCS officers work on land, sea and air round the clock protecting India’s economic wealth.

GCS is supported by a dedicated team of security professionals drawn from the military and police along with a tech team of cyber security experts who work towards resolving complex challenges in an effective and sustainable manner. With expertise of over 20 years, GCS today remains the biggest source of manpower to MNCs and other industrial conglomerates, operating worldwide in more than 14 countries, covering 2200 sites.

GCS Services

Physical security Events Security De-risking
Executive Protection Intelligence & Vigilance Threat Monitoring Program
Loss Prevention Fraud & Misconduct Investigations Automated Access Control
Crisis Management Support Law Enforcement Liaison Electronic Surveillance
Aviation & Maritime Security Security Audit & Governance Perimeter Protection Systems
Travel Protection Security Risk Assessments Armed Quick Reaction Teams
Supply Chain Protection Security Technology Solutions Background Screening Program
Information Protection Security Awareness and Training Employee Engagement Training

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Reliance Employee and Family Emergency Response Service (REFERS)

REFERS is a unique GCS initiative that provides emergency assistance to Reliance employees and their families on a 24x365 basis, operating from a control room at our corporate headquarters.

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