Corporate Sustainability

Our commitment to sustainable development goes beyond our operating boundaries, as we continuously aim to add value to our stakeholders by advancing knowledge and improving lives.

We seek internal and external perspectives to identify and help us better understand the risks and opportunities associated with new and emerging issues. The issues identified are evaluated for their relevance to Reliance and their impact on economic, environmental and social aspects. This exercise is performed annually to ensure its relevance to the changing business environment, and the disclosure through reports is aimed at our stakeholders like investors, customers, employees, JV partners, business partners and the community. We have worked with key stakeholders and focused our efforts towards our strategic pillars for sustainable development: energy management, environment, product stewardship, occupational health and safety, and social institution building.

Our Strategic Pillars, Trends and Stakeholder Needs

Our focus on the five strategic pillars ensures that we grow our business while responding to global trends and stakeholder needs. The key activities undertaken against each of the strategic pillars build on the progress we have already made in order to reduce our environmental impacts, and contribute to society by investing in meaningful endeavours.

  • Energy Management
  • Environment Responsibility
  • Product Stewardship
  • Occupational Health and Safety
    Health and Safety
  • Social Institution Building
    Social Institution

From the CMD’s Desk

QuotesWe are committed and will continue to embed principles of sustainability in our growth model Quotes+ Read more

Sustainability Reports

Reliance commenced reporting annually on its triple-bottom line performance  from FY 2004-05. All its sustainability reports are externally assured and are GRI checked. The maiden report received ‘in-accordance’ status from GRI and all subsequent reports are ‘GRI Checked A+’ application level reports.

Financial year Title GRI application levels Download reports
2014-15 Invest. Innovate. Inspire. For a new India. (GRI G4) GRI‘In accordance - Comprehensive’ PDF  Download
  Invest. Innovate. Inspire. For a new India. (GRI G3.1) GRI Checked A+ PDF  Download
2013-14 Growth Is Energy, Growth Is Value, Growth Is Happiness, Growth Is Life. GRI Checked A+ PDF  Download
2012-13 Fulfilling India's Aspirations with Innovation and Enterprise GRI Checked A+ PDF  Download
2011-12 Partnering India’s New Future, Sustainably GRI Checked A+ PDF  Download
2010-11 New Businesses. New Technologies. New Partnerships GRI Checked A+ PDF  Download
2009-10 Think Sustainability, Think Transformation, Think Reliance GRI Checked A+ PDF  Download
2008-09 Transforming Tomorrow, Today GRI Checked A+ PDF  Download
2007-08 Transforming Life, Redefining Tomorrow GRI Checked A+ PDF  Download
2006-07 Small Acts, Big Impact GRI Checked A+ PDF  Download
2005-06 My Reliance, My Life GRI Checked A+ PDF  Download
2004-05 Life GRI Checked A+ PDF  Download

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