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Energy Conservation

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Energy conservation is one of our key focus areas. A number of best practices, studies and improvement projects have been implemented in past six years that have made our Jamnagar refinery a “Pacesetting Refinery” in the world. We regularly benchmark our energy consumption levels with global standards, and consistently work towards improving efficiencies further.

The energy consumption of all our manufacturing units and utility blocks are monitored constantly and corrective steps are immediately taken to utilise the energy in the most optimal manner. All units utilise energy resources in a responsible and efficient manner with a focus on productivity improvement measures that result in the reduction of energy consumption.

The extensive energy saving efforts at Jamnagar brought down Energy Indices resulting in fuel savings during the year 2006-07.

For a greater emphasis on energy conservation, our Energy Policy has been revised during the year. A detailed review is made on a continuous basis by the Management with a focus on energy conservation and extensive monitoring is also being done by the Energy Cell with the help of automation making ours a model refinery in the world.

The operation of our Captive Power Plants at Vadodara, Nagothane and Gandhar are benchmarked on a monthly basis with a view to making continuous improvements in the efficiency.

Besides energy conservation, we are also looking at the opportunities of utilising the energy conservation efforts by way of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), an initiative proposed by United Nations (UN) under the Kyoto Protocol.

We have registered 5 CDM Projects with UNFCC and additional
5 projects are under various stages of validation for Registration.
These CDM projects have a revenue potential of over Rs. 30
crore per annum.

We are also documenting the following projects for CDM benefits:

  • Biomass to Biogas to combined Heat and Power
  • Power Plants using Natural Gas in SEZ
  • Coal Bed Methane Project.

Energy Management Policy