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Human Resource Development

RIL's talent base, as on March 31, 2011, stands at 22,661 with an average employee age of 41 years.

In FY-11, the Business Transformation initiative created high engagement and excitement amongst the workforce across all levels at RIL. Some key accomplishments on people management front are illustrated below:

Learning & Development

In FY-11, RIL enhanced delivery over the last year by ensuring 1,589,395 man hours of learning activities at its manufacturing divisions. Going forward, RIL will focus on building specialist skills and multiple cadres in the organisation to support its goals and aspirations. Additionally, several thousand man-hours of developmental intervention was undertaken to train the leadership teams on developing the second-line, compensation and benefits, executive coaching, rewards and recognition programmes and interviewing & selection.

Six Sigma deployment in FY-11 was focused on improving process capability & reliability issues as per the needs of individual manufacturing sites. A total of 85 projects were executed leading to financial benefit of Rs. 26 Crore for the year 2010-11.

As a part of Six Sigma deployment process, 9 Reliance Certified Black Belts – Wave 1 (RCBB-1) are working across manufacturing divisions and have, in turn, developed 305 Six Sigma Green Belts in 2009-11. Total project execution by this team led by RCBB-1 for a span of two years is 157 leading to financial benefit of Rs. 69 Crore.

Currently, 19 BMGI/ASQ certified Black belts are working in different sites. Based on the effective deployment of Six Sigma methodology by first wave, new batch for Reliance Certified Black Belt – Wave 2 (RCBB-2) has been launched in January, 2011 for which 11 employees have been selected from manufacturing divisions.

In all 354 Black Belts & Green Belts are associated with Six Sigma projects at different sites. For the success of various Six Sigma projects, 1892 team members and supervisory personnel are providing active support.

As a part of standardization of training & development of people with validation of their skill level, web based examination module has been developed for certification of Six Sigma Green Belts. In FY-11, eight employees have been certified as Reliance Certified Green Belt (RCGB).

Compensation & Banding

FY-11, saw a significant change in the Company's compensation & banding management process. On the variable pay front, efforts are afoot to move towards an accountability and responsibility driven variable pay programmes designed uniquely for various levels.

Talent Acquisition

The belief in its people has been the foundation and corner stone of RIL's growth story. It was the youth in their 20s & 30s who brought RIL to this pedestal over the last 3 decades and going forward the intent is to pass the baton on to young leaders over the next 2 to 3 years, to further propel this success story for the next 3 decades. Towards this end there has been a significant endeavor in re-enforcing the existing talent base of 22,661.

RIL's campus hiring programme from the engineering, finance and management institutes has been far more robust, with wider coverage to ensure higher caliber as well diversity.

RIL has launched a specially tailored programme "Reliance Accelerated Leadership Programme", in order to hire high caliber young talent into the Company and build a talent pipeline for the future.

HR Transformation

RIL is focused on building what would be the best "To Be" Organisation over the next 18 to 24 months. In order to achieve this objective, RIL focused on following initiatives:

  • People: Energising and engaging the existing work force, building a pipeline for the future and creating an exciting work place.

  • HR Processes: To ensure that RIL continues to have the world's best practice and processes, existing processes are being reengineered and new processes are being introduced.

  • Policies: The focus in FY-11 was to make the policies employee friendly keeping in view employee specific needs. The HR policies are being reviewed and benchmarked with world class organisations.

  • HR Shared Service Centre: The Centre was established last year to ensure efficient and effective delivery of HR services to RIL employees.