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Allahabad Manufacturing is Division located in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh. It is equipped with batch polymerization and continuous polymerization facilities.

The batch plant produces wider range of speciality polymers and continuous plant produces both commodity and differentiated products. Both the plants are equipped with pilot positions to produce customer specific products and for development activities. The plant also have integrated facilities of draw twisting, draw texurising, Yarn Dyeing and Twisting.

The first phase of the plant was commissioned with a batch plant in 1991 with technology from Toray Industries Inc, Japan. In the second phase, the plant was further expanded in 1997 with technology from Toray Engineering Company, Japan. Since then, the plant has developed indigenous technologies with its development activities to produce a large range of speciality polymers, for different downstream processes like draw twisting, draw warping, draw texurising, air texurising etc.