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Dahej Manufacturing Division is located near Bharuch, Gujarat. It comprises of an ethane / propane recovery unit, a gas cracker, a caustic chlorine plant and 4 downstream plants, which manufacture polymers and fibre intermediates.

The division has its own facility for separating ethane/propane. The ethane / propane mixture is used as a feedstock for the gas cracker plant.

The division was commissioned in two phases. The Caustic Chlorine, VCM and PVC pants in phase one was commissioned in 1997. After this, in phase two, HDPE plant, MEG plant, ethane / propane recovery plant and gas cracker unit were commissioned in 2000.

Plants at the Dahej Manufacturing Division

Name of Plant
Commissioned Year
Phase - One
Poly Vinyl Chloride 1997
Vinyl Chloride Monomer 1997
Chlor Alkali 1997
Phase - Two
Ethane Propane
Gas Cracker
High Density Polyethylene 2000
Mono Ethylene Glycol/
Ethylene Oxide