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Naroda Manufacturing Division located near Ahmedabad, Gujarat, is RIL’s first manufacturing facility. This synthetic textiles and fabrics manufacturing facility manufactures and markets woven and knitted fabrics for home textiles, synthetic and worsted suiting and shirting, ready to wear garments and automotive fabrics.

Complex represents the largest investment in the textile industry at a single location.Naroda complex is India's most modern textile complex - a recognition bestowed by the WorldBank.

Naroda complex was started in 1966 with just four warp knitting machines and 68 people. Reliance policy of backward integration had ensured that the original manufacturing activities,which were confined to fabric, finally encompassed everything that went into fabrics, viz. crude to fabric. In certain parts of the country, the fabric manufacturing complex, with the brand name Vimal, continues to be synonymous with Reliance Industries Ltd. The umbrella brand Vimal later on became Only Vimal. One of the largest complexes of its kind, Naroda has a specialplace in the history of Reliance even though the other Reliance operations have grown much larger over the years.

The activities at Naroda complex, since its inception, have also witnessed substantial growth. Fabrics of various types - suiting, shirting, home textiles - are manufactured here. The most distinctive feature of Naroda complex is the varied product group manufactured requiring different creative techniques are all housed under one complex. This feature of Naroda is without a parallel.

The Naroda Manufacturing Division continues to maintain technological edge and continues to enjoy the status as one of the most modern, state-of-the-art textile plants in the country.