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Business Opportunities

You can do business with Reliance in various areas:

  • Crude Oil Supply

  • Petroleum Products Trading

  • Shipping - Vessel Chartering

  • Catalysts and Chemicals Supply

  • Technology, Software & Solutions Supply

Crude Oil Supply

Reliance's refinery at Jamnagar in the state of Gujarat, India, is designed to process a wide variety of crude oils ranging from light to heavy and sweet to sour.

An indicative range of properties of crude that can be processed is as follows:

  • Degree API: 18 to 45 with blend window between 27 and 32

  • Sulphur content: Up to 4.5 % with blend window up to 2.6%

  • Acidity: 0 - 1.5 mg KOH/kg with blend window up to 0.5 mg KOH/kg

The refinery is equipped with world-class port facilities , which can receive crude oils in various types of vessels including Ultra Large & Very Large Crude Carriers, Suezmax and Aframax vessels.

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Petroleum Products Trading

Reliance offers a range of petroleum products for exports as well as supply in the Indian market.

Petroleum products for export markets:

  • Naphtha (High quality ethylene cracker feedstock and open spec naphtha)

  • Gasoline (various grades meeting international specifications)

  • TAME (an oxygenate)

  • Jet / Aviation Turbine Fuel

  • High Speed Diesel

  • Petroleum coke

Petroleum products for Indian markets:

As per the current regulations of the Government of India, Reliance is allowed to sell a limited range of products (referred to as "decontrolled" products) in the Indian market. Various products including the decontrolled products offered for sale in India are:

  • Propylene (Polymer grade)

  • Naphtha (Ethylene cracker feedstock, Fertilizer feedstock grade and fuel grades)

  • Jet / Aviation Turbine Fuel

  • Kerosene as Linear Alkyl Benzene (LAB) feedstock

  • TAME (an oxygenate for improving anti-knocking properties of gasoline)

  • Granulated sulphur (in bulk)

  • Petroleum coke

Petroleum product imports:

Reliance also imports the following petroleum products for feedstock purposes as well as trading:

  • Naphtha (Full range or high aromatic grades)

  • Kerosene - Methanol

  • Low sulphur waxy residue (LSWR)

  • High sulphur vacuum gas oil (VGO)

The port facilities, supporting the refinery ensure that the above products can be exported or imported in large parcel sizes for optimum freight economics. The port also has the flexibility to handle smaller parcels if necessary.

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Shipping - Vessel Chartering

Crude oil vessels: Reliance sources its principal raw material, viz. Crude oil, in shipments from various parts of the world including the Persian Gulf, the Red Sea, West Africa, the Mediterranean and Latin American countries.

Product and chemicals vessels: The petroleum products and chemicals are shipped from Jamnagar port to various parts of the world such as Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Africa, west European countries, the Latin American
countries and North America.

Jamnagar's port facilities receive crude oil shipments in varying vessel sizes viz. ULCC/VLCC, Suezmax and Aframax.

The vessels to be received at Reliance's port facilities are subject to clearances as per the safety and environment-related requirements of the port. It is therefore customary to ascertain the acceptability of the offered vessels on the basis of information to be provided in a
questionnaire called " Q 88 ".

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Catalysts and Chemicals Supply

Reliance procures a wide variety of catalysts and chemicals to facilitate the refining operation. Catalysts cover the following services:

  • Fluidized Catalytic Cracking (FCC)

  • Hydrodesulphurisation

  • Hydrogen plant

  • Sulphur plant

  • Aromatics manufacturing

  • Mercaptan oxidation (Merox)

Chemicals include:

  • Biocides

  • Anti-oxidants

  • Corrosion inhibitors and anti-scalant

  • Caustic

  • Amine

  • Product improvement multi-functional additives

  • Mercaptans

  • Dyes

  • Cetane improvers

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Technology, Software & Solutions Supply
Reliance reviews and executes profit improvement opportunities and actively pursues technology and software options to do the following:

  • Improve yields

  • Upgrade quality

  • Enhance operating efficiencies

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