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Linear Alkyl Benzene

Reliance Industries Limited ( RIL ),India's largest company in the private sector has petrochemical complexes at Patalganga in Maharashtra, at Hazira in Gujarat as well as the world's largest grassroots refinery commissioned in 1999 at Jamnagar, Gujarat. Reliance is also India's largest manufacturer of LAB with a world-class 100 KTA plant at Patalganga in technical collaboration with UOP, USA the product being marketed under the trade name RELAB. LAB is produced from Normal Paraffin which itself is produced by extracting a specific chainlength linear paraffins from Kerosene. While LAB is the basic raw material for detergents, the other product NP besides being the feed stock for LAB also has application in the manufacture of plasticizers. The LAB Industry capacity in India is 350 KTA comprising of 4 manufacturers including one detergent manufacturer. All the plants have technical know-how from UOP, USA and operate at cent- percent efficiency. RIL's production is about 110 KTA having the major share of Market catering to both the Organised as well as the Small- Sector of detergent Industry in our country.

In addition to NP the byproducts of LAB namely Heavy Normal Paraffin ( HNP ) and Light Normal Praffin (LNP) are side- stream products having applications in the manufacture of plasticizers such as Chlorinated Paraffin Wax ( CPW ).



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Heavy Normal Paraffin
Light Normal Paraffin
Linear Alkyl Benzene