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Reliance Industries Limited is Asia's largest manufacturer of Polypropylene (PP). With a combined capacity of over 1 million tonnes, Reliance figures amongst the Top Eight Polypropylene producers in the world. Reliance holds a 70% share of the Indian Market and caters to 3% of the worlds consumption of PP.

Reliance Industries Limited commissioned its first PP plant with a capacity of 350 KTA in Oct'96 at Hazira Petrochemical Complex. This was followed by the commissioning of two lines of 200 KTA each at it's Jamnagar Petrochemical Complex in April/May'99. The third line at Jamnagar of 200 KTA was commissioned in Dec'99.

Reliance has adopted the world acclaimed Unipol Process of Union Carbide (now merged with Dow Chemical) for manufacturing PP at all its sites. Unipol process combines the production efficiency of gas phase fluidized bed reactor technology with the high activity and stereospecificity of the SHAC catalyst system. The two production sites offer a wide range of Homopolymer, Random and Impact copolymer grades. These can cater to the entire spectrum of Extrusion, Injection & Blow molding processes.

Polypropylene, the most versatile polymer continues to exhibit the highest growth rate. It finds widespread usage in wovensacks,films for packaging,various consumer items, and wide variety of Injection moulded items like autoparts,appliances,furniture,houseware.

With 5 Regional Offices,17 Area Offices, 16 Depots and a network of over 60 Distributors and Agents, Reliance has established the necessary Distribution Network to ensure superior Customer Service to over 3000 customers worldwide.

The quality of products meet the highest international standards and is being exported to more than 30 countries in Europe, Japan, Middle East, China and other Southeast Asian countries.

With investments of over Rs.2500Cr ($518 Mn) at Hazira and Jamnagar PP production facilities, RIL is unmatched in its commitment to the plastic processing industry. This commitment has reflected in actions such as new grade introductions targeted at specialty applications, continuous grade improvements, enhancing quality consistency and productivity of Repol grades, regular interaction with customers for feedback on grade performance and strengthening of distribution network and reach.

Reliance Industries Limited strongly believes in being close to the customers. Customers are serviced by a professional set of Sales & Marketing executives as well as technical service team offering solutions and help to upgrade Product performance by suggesting and working alongside Customer's production units

The business development group constantly monitors the progress of processing industry to identify new business opportunities. Project Reports are prepared and guidance provided on project identification, machinery selection and manpower training. Reliance's growth aspiration is thus firmly rooted in the commitment to the growth of its customers.

REPOL Polypropylene thus reaches the customer with a comprehensive package of product quality and service unmatched by any other alternative source in the market place.

Reliance has a whole host of services to cater to it's customers.

Product Data Sheets Safety Data Sheets Product Applications
Enterpreneur Centre Processing Guides
Trouble Shooting Guides

The proficient and effective in-house technical team in co-ordination with customers, formulate special grades with tailored property parameters to provide cost effective solutions to meet the needs of the processing industry.

Product Data Sheets

Homo Polymer
H020EG H200FG H020SU H200MK
H029SG H200MA H030SG H250FG
H050MN H350FG H035SG H007EG
H033MG H110MS H080EY H060MG
H100EY H230FG H110MA H034SG
Random Co-Polymer
R019MZ R120MK T100MK T200MK
Impact Co-Polymer
B250EG C015EG B220MN C080MA
B120MA D080MN B400MN C120MN
C080MT C200MN B550MN  
D120MA B030MG    

Safety data Sheets

MSDS - Homo Polymer

Processing Guides

Blow Moulding Extrusion coating Injection moulding
Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene
Film (BOPP)
Extrusion principles Raffia and monofilaments
Compounding Fibres & filaments    

Trouble Shooting Guides

Injection Moulding Sheet Extrusion Monofilaments
Blow Moulding Lay-flat Tubing
Rotational Moulding Mutifilaments Pipes Extrusion
Raffia Extrusion

Enterpreneur Center

At Reliance we constantly strive to strengthen the bond with existing as well as potential entrepreneurs. The business development group provides advisory services on the best financial, manufacturing & technological options. The group constantly monitors the progress of processing industry to identify new business opportunities. Project profiles are prepared and guidance provided on project identification, machinery selection and manpower training.


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Woven Sacks



Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container






Files & Folders

Consumer Durable


Leno Bags



Hollow Corrugated Board




Consumer Durable





Tubular Quenched Film



Cast Film