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At Reliance we constantly strive to strengthen the bond with existing as well as potential entrepreneurs. The business development group provides advisory services on the best financial, manufacturing & technological options. The group constantly monitors the progress of processing industry to identify new business opportunities. Project profiles are prepared and guidance provided on project identification, machinery selection and manpower training.

Reliance's growth aspiration is thus firmly rooted in the commitment to the growth of its customers and end markets. Our relationship with our partners in the development is one we have always valued.


  • Concept Marketing
  • Provide assistance from Product Identification till Commissioning of Project.


  • Develop - Idea / Project with Entrepreneurs.
  • Product / Concept with End-users.
  • Compile & Evaluate data on Plastic Processing Machinery.
  • Seminars / Workshops for entrepreneurs / consumers.


  • Product Identification
  • Pre-feasibility Report
  • Machinery / Technology selection
  • Information on Financial Institutions
  • Loan applications
  • Support provided till commissioning of project.


  • More than 100 pre-feasibility reports for Small & Medium Scale Industries.

Key Achievements of the Cell

  • Entrepreneur Assistance
    Year No of Projects
    1998-99 39
    1999-2000 28
    2000-01 39
    2001-02 (H1) 33
    2002-03 15
    2003-04 7

  • Total Investment of Projects Fructified during 2003-04 = Rs. 20 Crs
  • Good Network with FI's , machinery manufacturer's and State Development Authorities

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