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PolyVinyl Chloride (PVC) is one of the oldest yet one of the most important plastic material. Justice Von Libel discovered the monomer, vinyl chloride, in 1835.In 1860s, A W Hoffman made the first vinyl halide polymer. But the inherent difficulties in processing this material failed to attract commercial interest. In early 1930s, Fritz Klatte of Chemist Fabric Griesheim-ELektron made use of PVC as a useful rigid plastic to substitute film, fibre lacquers of natural origin. 1934, Waldo Semon, a scientist from BF Goodrich USA, was the first person who made an useful, flexible, elastic material from PVC

PVC has undergone continuous improvements during 70 years of experience in manufacturing and processing. This illustrates the key advantage of the material, viz., and adaptability to changing time and environments. This has been possible since it can be compounded with appropriate additives to meet 'tailor made' applications and can be processed in many different ways.