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Polypropylene - Thermoforming


PP Cups are manufactured from Polypropylene sheets by blow forming & plug assisted forming. The optimization of the final wall thickness profile is generally achieved by trial & error, changing the design of the mould and plug, the polymer materials and the process parameters such as the heating temperature distribution, the mould and plug temperature and the pressure curve.


PP cups find in disposable uses

  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Juices


-Low cost coupled with low density (0.900-905)

-Excellent Steam Barrier

-Excellent heat resistance (sterilisable, micro ovenable)

-Excellent chemical inertia

-Good transparency

Recent developments have brought polypropylene to the level of PS in rigidity (HCPP) and PET or PVC in transparency (trough nucleation, stretching). Coextrusion with EVOH allows overcoming easily the limitation of polypropylene as a gas barrier.

Recent experimental studies confirm that, even with Homopolymer polypropylene, well-controlled thermoforming conditions allow to form deep cups with good properties:

-Processing cycle time

-Thickness distribution


-Mechanical properties

Source Of Equipment Supplier

The machinery used for the manufacture of polypropylene thermoformed cups is imported.

Date: Nov'01
Product PP Thermoformed Cups
Applications : Disposable cups
CAGR (%) 12
Process : Thermoforming
Raw Material : PP
Grade : H007EG/CO15EG/H020EG/R019MZ
Installed Capacity 432 MTA
Project Cost 1.72 Rs. Cr
Manpower 18 Nos.
Turnover (Yr. IV) : 5 Rs. Cr
Net Profit Margin : 6%
Break-Even Point : 46%
Pay-Back Period : 4.3 yrs

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