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Recron Perfection
Recron® 3s is a state of art reinforcing material which is used to increase strength in a variety of applications like automotive battery, paper, filtration fabrics, asbestos cement sheets, cement based pre-cast products and for improving quality of construction. A product of extensive R&D in Reliance's state-of-the-art Technology Centre, Recron® 3s is made available when you need it and where you need it through our vast distribution network.
        Construction Industry           Asbestors Cement Products
Recron® 3s acts as "secondary reinforcement" in concrete which arrests cracks, increases resistance to impact/abrasion & greatly improves quality of construction in walls, foundations, tanks, roads and pre-cast products like blocks, pipes, tiles, manhole covers, and more.
Recron® 3s is used as reinforcement agent in Asbestos Cement Products such as sheets, for load bearing and flexural strength, and pipes, for bursting pressure and flexural strength..
        Paper Industry           Battery
Recron® 3s is the "Paper Makers' Partner" in improving productivity and profitability of the paper industry. It is a reinforcing fibre that improves properties such as tear, tensile, burst and bulk.
Recron® 3s is specially designed for battery paste reinforcement, to meet various technical requirements such as thermal stability, acid resistance, minimum level of extractable impurities and high dispersability.
        Speciality Products           Wet-Laid Non Woven Industry
Recron® 3s is used in a variety of specialty products such as Filter Paper, Mosquito Mats and Shoe Insole.
Recron® 3s is basic raw material for wet laid non-woven industry for a range of high-tech specialty products used in a variety of applications.