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Recron Staple Fibre
Reliance is one of the largest producers of Polyester Staple Fibre in the world. Our innovative approach and ability to offer a complete range of products for a variety of applications, on time and at the right price has given us a market leading position in the country and a preferred vendor status with the world's leading consumers of textiles.
Recron LP  
Recron® Duratarp is a range of high and super high tenacity polyester staple fibres including dope dyed regular and flame retardant [FR] variants specially made for manufacturing tarpaulin, tent and awnings. It overcomes the various disadvantages of such products that are made from natural fibres like cotton and others and offers superior properties along with a significant cost advantage. In fact, tarpaulin made from Recron® Duratarp is so advanced, you'll refuse to call it Tarpaulin
Recron Green  
An innovation from the Reliance group, Recron® Green's primary purpose is to decrease dependency on natural resources and increase sustainability.
Recron Staple Fibre is available in both, Fibre and TOW forms and is procurable even in the remotest locations through our vast network of offices and agents.
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