Reliance at a Glance

Bringing alive a billion dreams

Reliance is India’s largest and most profitable private sector company. Reliance continues to be a significant global player in the integrated energy value chain while establishing leadership positions in the retail and digital services business in India.

Creating Value for All Stakeholders

Investors and

First Indian company to cross


in market capitalisation

Retains strong domestic and international credit rating

Government and
Regulatory Authorities


Of customs and excise duty in the private sector

`1,15,461 CRORE

Contribution to the National Exchequer this year


`1,022 CRORE

CSR expenditure during the year


Lives touched since inception



Direct employment

1.1+ CRORE

Man-hours of training imparted


2.2+ CRORE

Saplings planted till date

9.9+ CRORE M3

Rainwater harvesting capacity created since inception

Customers and Suppliers

Unparalleled access to diversified products and highest quality 5G-ready digital platform

Reinforcing local manufacturing and procurement

Value Added Statement (Consolidated)

Value added is defined as the value created by the activities of a business and its employees

Stakeholders FY 2019-20 FY 2018-19
Reinvested in the Group to maintain and develop operations 62,675 56,919
Providers of Debt 30,280 27,749
Employee Benefits 14,075 12,488
Providers of Equity Capital 3,852* 3,852
Contribution to Society 1,022 904
Contribution to National Exchequer 1,15,461 1,16,251
Total Value Added 2,27,365 2,18,163

All figures in ` crore
* Excluding dividend on partly paid shares

Value Drivers for Reliance


  • 140 patents granted during the year
  • 900+ researchers and scientists
  • R&D expenditure – `2,538 crore
  • Bio-innovation and circularity
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  • Sustaining strong track record of performance – fastest growing retailer
  • India’s largest mobile data network
  • World’s largest refinery at a single location
  • Among the Top 10 producers for key petrochemicals
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  • Software as a Service (SaaS) based platforms
  • Enterprise data lake
  • Analytics and data science engines
  • Enterprise integration capabilities
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Our Businesses


`1,62,936 CRORE

`9,654 CRORE

India’s largest retailer by reach, scale, revenue and profitability

Digital Services

`68,462 CRORE

`22,517 CRORE

Jio has a future proof all-IP data network with the latest 4G LTE technology

Media and Entertainment

`5,357 CRORE

`617 CRORE

Network18 is one of India’s most diversified Media and Entertainment platform

Refining and Marketing

`3,87,522 CRORE

`24,461 CRORE

RIL continued to outperform Singapore complex margin with US$5.7/bbl premium


`1,45,264 CRORE

`30,933 CRORE

Owns and operates one of the most integrated petrochemicals facilities globally

Exploration and Production

`3,211 CRORE

`353 CRORE

Upstream portfolio includes operations in deepwater acreages and the CBM block

Revenue EBITDA