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Reliance has ingrained the principles of Environmental, Social and Governance into its way of doing of business, to create consistent and long-term value for its stakeholders.


Acknowledging the real threat of climate change, Reliance has set itself the ambitious goal of achieving Net Carbon Zero status by 2035, and embarked on a 15-year plan to build itself up as one of the world's leading new energy and new materials companies. Reliance has committed to invest `75,000 crore towards building New energy capabilities over 3 years.

Reliance's three-pronged approach

Making CO2 a recyclable resource

Replacing transportation fuel with electricity and hydrogen

Transitioning to clean energy usage

Technology deployment for a greener tomorrow

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Very rarely in history has an organisation transformed the way a society operates or connects. By connecting millions of Indians through affordable digital services, RIL has brought about a revolution like no other.

Similarly, by innovating the New Commerce channel, which helps onboard lakhs of small mom and pop stores to a platform and connect with a huge consumer base, RIL has triggered unprecedented changes on the ground. Social impact is thus ingrained in RIL’s very ethos. Combined with the efforts of Reliance Foundation, India’s largest corporate philanthropy, RIL is today operating an inclusion-focused, India-centric enterprise.

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Robust corporate governance policies, informed risk management and a keen eye on emerging opportunities underline our Governance approach.

Robust Code of Conduct

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Continued focus on stakeholder value-creation

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A diverse and illustrious Board with significant expertise and experience

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ESG integrated into Board responsibility

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Best-in-class disclosure practices such as GRI, TCFD and <IR>, and alignment to UN SDGs and national priorities