Integrated Approach to Sustainable Growth
Driving ESG growth in Reliance

Interplay of Capitals

Natural Capital Human Capital Manufactured Capital Intellectual Capital Financial Capital Social and Relationship Capital

Plans of adding direct and indirect jobs to the economy through the energy transition

Decarbonisation of legacy businesses

R&D in technology that produces biofuel using various organic feedstock wastes

Heavy investment in renewable energy, operational eco-efficiency

Deployment of Electric Vehicles for deliveries by Reliance Retail

Skilled workforce addition to drive Reliance's vision in New and Alternate Energy

Adequate training on Asset Management to ensure compliance and maximise asset availability

Creation of IP, technology expertise backed by a strong talent pool

Talent pool to ensure business resilience

Performance measures that integrate business value streams, P&Ls, and financial reporting available across the enterprise to the individual

Appropriate customer, supplier, and business partner engagement continuing the Reliance legacy that is built on trust and relationships

Target of developing infrastructure for New and Alternate Energy, four Giga factories in the pipeline

Digitalisation of processes, enhancing employee safety in critical operations

Development of commercial- scale continuous catalytic pyrolysis technology

  • Revenue: `7,92,756 crore
  • Capital expenditure: `1,45,352 crore
  • EBITDA: `1,25,687 crore

Increase Jio bandwidth to ensure maximum accessibility

R&D for net bags and bag on roll applications using biodegradable plastic

Best-in-class Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) integrated with the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), giving research employees better amenities

Developed Multizone Catalytic Cracking (MCC), an in-house disruptive innovation, for converting various hydrocarbons to generate chemical building blocks. Jio has indigenously developed and launched a full stack of digital products, platforms and services backed by AI/ML,Block- chain, IoT, NLP etc.

Developed a technology (under RIL’s flagship programme Algae to Oil) that converts sunlight, CO2 and sea water to renewable bio-crude. This technology has the potential to convert CO2 to valuable products to combat climate change

R&D to create medical grade oxygen for community support during

Investment to build a New Clean Energy business

Increased HSE expenditure, ensuring adequate funds for environmental initiatives and associated infrastructure development

Investment in setting up Integrated Renewable manufacturing facilities for Solar PV Module (Manufacture of Polysilicon, Wafer, Cell & Module); Electrolyser; Energy-storage Battery; Hydrogen value chain

Reliance increased its expenditure on Research and Development to `2,608 crore this year to encourage new ideas, innovation, and pioneering technologies

Financial support for the family members of deceased employees, ensuring the well-being of all

Watershed projects completed in several villages ensuring water accessibility and quality

Reliance Foundation's Mission Vaccine Suraksha ensured vaccinations for family members of employees

Partnered with WhatsApp to simplify the entire 'Prepaid Recharge' process for its digital business

Developed JioPhone Next which is the world's most affordable smartphone

In FY 2021-22, JioGenNext announced its Market Access Programme (MAP '21) with 11 high- potential businesses