modern mobility
for India

We Care for sustainable value creation

Our joint venture Reliance BP Mobility Limited (Operating under the brand Jio-bp) is designed to be a partnership that combines international expertise and local strengths to fulfil India’s fastgrowing demands for energy and mobility. Together, we aspire to build on our existing fuel offerings while introducing advanced mobility solutions and a range of convenience services for Indian consumers.

Jio-bp aims to expand from its current fuel retailing network of over 1,460 retail sites to up to 5,500.

Operating strategy

Bring best-in-class global fueling experience for Indian consumers through technology-enabled unique Customer Value Propositions

Take on a leadership role in EV infrastructure by proactively offering new technologies and operating models

Deploy next-generation technologies for automation-led operational and process efficiency

Mobility stations for world-class experience

Operating under the brand Jio-bp, RBML launched its first Jio-bp branded Mobility Station at Navde, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. Jio-bp Mobility Stations bring together a range of services, including:

  • Multiple fuelling choices while providing a world-class retailing experience
  • Additivised fuel across the network at no extra cost, a first in India
  • EV charging infrastructure across India
  • An international on-the-move brand, Wild Bean Café
  • Free, quick and reliable oil change service for
    2-wheelers at Castrol Express Oil Change
  • Both the new outlets and the existing network of over 1,460 fuel pumps will be rebranded as Jio-bp over the next few years

Ubiquitous EV infrastructure to power Net Carbon Zero

Towards realising a more environment-friendly portfolio, Jio-bp is working on the twin targets of becoming a leading EV charging infrastructure provider and building a CNG network in the country. Having built the first on-the-go charging station, first cluster charging station, first fleet charging hub, first charging app, Jio-bp now has over 300 charging points across the country.

We have also announced partnerships with some of the key players such as OEMs and last mile delivery players to collaborate on increasing EV penetration and make EV charging and swapping convenient for customers.

We’ve partnered with several CGD companies during the year for establishing CNG facilities for our customers at Jio-bp Mobility stations.