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JioGenNext was founded on our Chairman Shri Mukesh D. Ambani's vision of nurturing startups as he recognised early on that startups are a powerhouse of talent, technology and innovative solutions that are needed to resolve some of the country's most longstanding problems.

Since its inception in 2014, JioGenNext has been instrumental in catalysing the Indian entrepreneurial ecosystem and has assisted numerous startups to achieve scale by launching them in the Reliance ecosystem.

Illustrious mentorship

To guide and support the startups in various facets, JioGenNext has built a rich mentor pool. It includes RIL leaders such as Shri. B. Srinivasan (President & Chief of Staff, RIL), Shri. Rohit Bansal (Group Head of Communications, RIL) and Dr. Shailesh Kumar (Chief Data Scientist, Jio). Other mentors include startup founders of RIL investee companies such as Shri. Aakrit Vaish (Haptik), Shri. Arvind Pani (Reverie), Shri. Harsh Shah (Fynd) and Shri. Jasminder Singh Gulati (NowFloats), and other established entrepreneurs and subject matter experts.

Market Access Program launched to help early-stage startups achieve scale

In FY 2021-22, JioGenNext launched its Market Access Program (MAP ‘21) with 11 high potential startups.

MAP focuses on providing advice and opportunities to startups on two tracks:

RIL / Jio access
To build bridges for founders in the RIL / Jio ecosystem; establish and accelerate interactions for startups with internal stakeholders to explore partnerships and opportunities that can help them scale fast. It is a unique 'customers-as-mentors' approach.

Business mentorship
To advise startups on product innovation, go-to-market strategy, hiring, marketing, fundraising and product-market fit, which decides a startup’s overall progress as a business. The program is customised and outcome oriented for each startup.

MAP now works on an annual cohort, where the program brings in startups on a rolling basis throughout the year. With MAP, JioGenNext aims to further strengthen its value-add to startups and build win-win partnerships in the startup ecosystem.

Key highlights

Conducted 16 cohorts across 7 years

12,153+ applications received from startups and aspiring entrepreneurs

Startup alumni raised over `2,600 crore in early-stage venture capital

170 startups mentored

79 startups raise funds

21 startups have been acquired by the industry

90+ mentors

30+ corporate partners

JioGenNext MAP ’21 cohort

A healthtech startup that is enabling a prediagnostic, non-invasive method for early detection of Type 2 diabetes, hypertension and dyslipidemia.


An agritech startup that is using geospatial technology to help farmers cut down on investment in farm inputs, and enable them to increase the yield.


A healthcare SaaS that offers easy-to-understand medical reports with simple explanations, graphs and tips to pathology labs (B2B) across the world to build data-centric, patient-friendly organisations.


An AI fashion-tech company specialising in mobile body scanning, digital avatars, virtual apparel try-ons and digital showrooms to help fashion retail organisations reduce returns, increase sales and improve profitability.


A healthtech startup that aims to democratise augmented reality with a proprietary AR engine and no-code platforms. It specialises in providing 3D visualisation of medical file formats such as DICOM, NIFTI, etc. for doctors to refer for surgeries and patients to maintain health records.


A startup that has developed patented, easy-to-use diagnostic test kits for home users and point of care, with its initial offerings being a TSH measurement test and saliva-based COVID-19 screening test.


An AI-based mouth cancer detection smartphone app.


A startup that is developing healthcare technology to improve maternal and child healthcare.


A startup that enables D2C brand experiences through live social commerce and enterprise metaverses.


A digital platform for easy access to financial services for farmers and agribusinesses.


A voice SDK/API for user interface navigation and completing transactions.


JioGenNext recognised by Startup Reseau at the NEXTT Summit 2021 as one of the top five innovation and corporate venture capital programs in India.

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Accessing Global Innovation

RIL is the 1st Indian company to be a partner in an Israel Innovation Authority (IIA) sponsored incubator jointly with OurCrowd, Yissum (Hebrew University) and Ben-Gurion University. Since 2017, Labs/02 is highly successful in investing in promising Israeli deep-tech startups bringing disruptive innovation to solve societal problems. This enables deeper exposure and faster access to global innovation while supporting strong founders turn early stage ideas into market leaders

AI | Software | Drones

Computer vision based system provides cattle ranchers a drone based solution capable of monitoring their infrastructure, locating their herd, and autonomous herding of the cattle. This will help farmers cut their high operational costs and enable them to adopt new methods like rotational grazing that increase their yield per acre, enable carbon positive farming, and ethical rearing through free grazing.

Neuroscience | Software | Automotive

A patented non-invasive, software, Brain Computer Interface (BCI) platform based on unique neuroscience algorithms that detect and decode human brain signals in real-time, using sensors already embedded in digital devices through motion monitoring. Helps address human performance challenges in mega markets utilising its Cognitive Operational State Monitoring Solution, human errors alert and prevention capabilities.

IoT | Virtual Reality

Developing ground breaking core technologies for extended reality (XR) headsets. Next generation virtual reality (VR) headsets with its technology will be both immersive and ergonomic. Patent pending optics enables best-in-class 270º Field of View in a compact headset without compromising image fidelity and user’s convenience. Its lenses can be easily integrated into next generation VR / XR headsets.

Software | Cybersecurity | Automotive

A trusted end-to-end automotive cybersecurity solutions provider. Its embedded cybersecurity solutions and lifecycle management platform, AutoSec , empower the automotive industry with visibility and control over the bespoke solutions needed to protect tomorrow’s connected vehicles.

AgTech | IoT

Develops a near real-time nitrate soil data system with a revolutionary electro optical sensor and algorithm technology . DOTS solution will optimise fertilisation (and irrigation) and reduce environmental pollution.

AI | Software | Mobility

Provides airlines, airports and ground handling teams full visibility into aircraft’s turnaround services at airport’s gates. It utilises a deep-learning video classification algorithm that identifies, in real-time, the start and completion of each turnaround service using existing infrastructure. Real-time alerts coupled with comprehensive reporting allows for the identification of performance bottlenecks to yield significant operational improvements.

AI | Software | RetailTech

AI search engine (SaaS platform) that understands natural language, retrieves answers and creates AI-powered product assistants. Helps explain consumer products better with a smart video that can speak with customers and reduce product returns through better guidance. Delivers better user experience with deeper customer connect.

AI | Software | Healthcare

Helps radiology providers drive revenue and streamline operations through smarter imaging services. By focusing on the digital footprint, it delivers a point of care solution that combines knowhow and AI to deliver visibility, revenue consolidation and better decision making. Thus, empowering users to take better charge of integrated diagnostics, generate more revenue and faster care at lower costs. Starting with CTs, it will extend the technology to cover other radiologic modalities like MRI, X ray and ultrasound.

AI | IoT | Software | Cybersecurity

An AI/ML based cyber security platform that takes digital transformation to the next level, by monitoring the sensor integrity and providing sensor threat detection At-The-Source. Protects IoT devices against cyberattack, tampering, and data manipulation, and utilises its patented technology for behavioral biometrics identity.


Startups Vetted


Portfolio Startups

$12+ million

IIA Grants Approved

Enterprise Software | IT Automation

Democratises automation through a low-code platform, allowing any engineer, even without automation experience, to build, execute and monitor any automation workflow. Onboarding takes 1-2 days and workflows are built in minutes or hours instead of days or weeks with traditional script-based tools. Customers use it to dramatically shorten release intervals and build CI/ CD pipelines and control.

AI | Software | EdTech

Its mission is to bridge worldwide language gaps by providing a new and efficient way of teaching English as a foreign language. A fully automated cloud based software that uses novel Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, and cognitive principles in order to provide 100% personalised lessons based on the students’ English proficiency and according to their school syllabus.

AI | Software | Communications

Provides AI-driven proactive, automated network management and configuration (next-gen AI Ops for networks) for the emerging cloud-managed architecture of critical enterprise networks. Businesses today rely on networks, but they are difficult to set up and even more complicated to operate.

Quantum Cryptography | Software | Communications

Applying Quantum Cryptography to protect the world’s data, it provides a low-cost versatile quantum cryptographic solutions. Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) applies principles of quantum physics to Securely Exchange Keys in a manner proven to be secure forever. With top experts in the quantum technology, it presents a major breakthrough to enable a worldwide mass deployment of QKD.

Neuroscience | Software | Wearables

Uses SaaS cloud-based infrastructure, advanced signal processing and proprietary deep learning algorithms to create a standardised software solution (NeuroSpeed OS ™) for analyzing neuro-biomakers/insights using any available hardware and wearable devices.

AI | Insurtech | Smart Cities

A data platform that makes heretofore inaccessible urban data easily usable by the different industries needing it: insurance carriers, delivery services, real estate companies or public safety solutions. Uses cutting edge NLP and AI algorithms to automatically curate, organise, and standardise this data so its customers can buy ready to use data sets they can utilise.

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