Maximising Shared Value

The continued success of Reliance results from its power to dream and do and the unwavering trust and support of its stakeholders. The Company has always prioritised value creation for stakeholders and engaged with them transparently to understand and address their concerns. Together, the Company and its stakeholders have found ways to grow, break new ground and walk uncharted paths of success. Stakeholder engagement continues to be Reliance’s key pathway to nurture the Company’s growth trajectory, revisit existing goals and determine new heights to ascend.


Reliance provides a progressive and positive workplace that encourages employee development and enhances job satisfaction. Staying invested in its employees helps Reliance increase productivity, reduce turnover, and foster a culture of innovation.


Implementing scalable business strategies is key to ensuring financial stability and value creation for shareholders. A strong financial position is crucial for attracting and retaining investment that enables the Company to pursue new opportunities and drive continued success.


Reliance aims to strengthen its position as a preferred brand through a customer-centric approach and understanding and meeting the dynamically changing needs of customers.


Reliance maintains long-term relationships with its suppliers and requires them to comply with its Business Partner Code of Conduct policy. The Company believes that its suppliers play a crucial role in responsible sourcing and upholding quality and standards.


  • Human Resources
  • Corporate Services
  • Medical Services
  • Security Services
  • Investor Relations
  • Secretarial & Business Compliance

Business Teams:

  • Retail
  • Digital Services
  • O2C
  • E&P
  • Crude, feedstock, and fuel sourcing
  • Procurement and Contracting

Frequency of Communication

Annually, quarterly, monthly,
need-based, real-time

Annually, half-yearly, quarterly, monthly, need-based

Annually, monthly, need-based,

Real-time, need-based

Engagement Topics

Employee wellbeing, health and safety, performance reviews, career development conversations, training, and upskilling

Financial performance, growth plans and strategies, shareholder returns and dividends

Customer experience, product and service quality, Reliance’s response to demands and expectations

Terms and conditions, procedures, and payments

Engagement Channels

Emails, SMS, meetings, surveys, feedback, letters, website and internal portals

Meetings, conferences, investor calls, roadshows and correspondence

Meetings, surveys, web portals

Meetings and Annual Reports, compliance filings


Reliance collaborates with NGOs to foster holistic and inclusive development of communities and expand the impact and reach of its CSR interventions.


Reliance prioritises the well-being of surrounding communities, which strengthens its social license to operate. By contributing to the upliftment and growth of local communities, the Company can build a positive reputation, establish trust, and create synergistic relationships with the community members.

Government and Regulatory Authorities

Government policies and regulations are important factors that can shape the business environment in which Reliance operates. By staying informed about these policies and engaging with relevant stakeholders, the Company can identify new opportunities and challenges and develop strategies to achieve its goals while ensuring compliance.


  • Reliance Foundation
  • Reliance Foundation Institution of Education and Research
  • CSR Divisions: Retail, Digital Services, O2C, E&P
  • Manufacturing division CSR teams
  • Reliance Foundation
  • Reliance Foundation Youth Sports
  • Reliance Foundation Institution of Education and Research
  • Secretarial and Business Compliance
  • Legal

Frequency of Communication

Annually, ongoing partnerships

Annually, ongoing partnerships

Annually, ongoing engagements

Engagement Topics

Community development, public infrastructure development, community health and wellbeing

Community needs and expectations, financial and medical support, health, nutrition, and livelihood enhancing efforts, building capacities and training

Regulatory compliance, participation in government programmes

Engagement Channels

Meetings and correspondence, participatory development activities, project planning and implementation meetings, capacity building and communities of practice

Meetings, newsletters, surveys, fieldwork and trainings, digital services, virtual engagements

Industry representations, filings, correspondence, meetings



Fostering a culture of 'We Care' through promoting a positive work environment, prioritising diversity and inclusion, supporting employee wellbeing and safety, and engagement activities.

The Company’s investment in advanced technology provides employees a platform to upskill. It also helps streamline and automate daily processes that allow employees to utilise their time efficiently.


To ensure long-term business sustainability and create new revenue streams, the company is investing in multiple opportunities, including `75,000 crore in the New Energy business, and K2 lakh crore in the pan-India 5G rollout plan.




Reliance Retail serves 249 million registered customers through its network of physical stores and digital commerce platforms across consumption baskets.

With 439.3 million subscribers, Reliance Jio has increased digital connectivity for people across the country. Jio also launched its 5G services across 2,300+ cities/towns.


Reliance builds strong and long-lasting relationships with its supply chain partners through collaboration, communication, supplier development and performance management.

JioMart has showcased 60,000 artisan-made products representing 98 indigenous crafts, creating opportunities for communities and meeting the demand for locally made products.


Reliance is deeply invested in fostering community wellbeing through various development initiatives in partnership with competent NGOs.

In FY 2022-23, Reliance Foundation collaborated with several NGOs through strategic partnerships, knowledge partnerships and partnerships for implementation support. These interventions were carried out in the areas of rural transformation, women empowerment, skilling, and disaster management, among others.


In FY 2022-23 Reliance foundation reached more than 7.5 million people through it’s various interventions.

During FY 2022-23, through it’s Rural Transformation initiatives, 2.7+ million rural people supported to augment their livelihoods.

Reliance generated value for communities by facilitating sustainable development, fostering local economic growth, and preserving natural resources.

Reliance Foundation empowers marginalised communities through its various programmes that contribute to sustainable development goals.


One of the highest contributors to India’s economic growth.


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