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For Reliance, the mission to grow business has always gone hand in hand with nurturing societal evolution and strengthening the nation’s resilience. Reliance has identified strengthening its Community Engagement Capital as one of its ten tenets of institutional leadership capacity building. Guided by its philosophy, ‘We Care,’ Reliance integrates its commitment to empowering communities in every venture it undertakes. The Company believes that serving the community that supports and sustains the business is its 'Corporate Moral Responsibility', going beyond the legal definition of 'Corporate Social Responsibility'. The Company is recognised as a 'National Institution' for its social and development initiatives that aim to ensure that no Indian is left behind on the path of progress.

The strong trust based relationships the Company shares with community members, partners, suppliers, customers and others have strengthened Reliance’s ability to pursue untapped opportunities and persevere against all odds.









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The Company’s strong social and relationship capital, built through transparent stakeholder engagement and shared values, has catalysed Reliance’s success over the years, empowering it to become one of the world’s largest and most respected conglomerates.

Reliance Foundation takes forward the Company’s community upliftment engagements through a broad spectrum of developmental programmes covering health, rural transformation, education, sports for development, women empowerment, disaster management, and the preservation and propagation of art, culture, and heritage. These programmes aim to strengthen the physical and social infrastructure, skills, and intellectual capabilities of the underserved and marginalised so they can take definitive steps towards living with dignity and self-reliance.

Reliance is committed to providing high-quality products and services that meet customers' ever-changing needs across its business units. The Company enjoys a consistently high customer retention rate and attracts new customers due to its focus on delivering a superior experience and products. Regular customer satisfaction surveys garner valuable feedback to continually scale the impact of the Company’s endeavours to deepen customer-centricity.

Reliance focuses on generating shared prosperity across the value chain to promote equitable and inclusive development of the larger ecosystem. A detailed Code of Conduct and its stringent implementation ensures that value chain partners and other stakeholders are aligned with the Company’s principles of ethics, integrity and transparency. Regular engagement and feedback mechanisms enable Reliance to track vendor and partner satisfaction levels and respond to their changing needs efficiently. As Reliance looks to usher in a new era of sustainable growth for India and the Company, it will continue to create opportunities for its network of partners and suppliers to prosper and enhance value creation for their stakeholders in turn.

Management Approach

Community welfare and philanthropy are deeply ingrained in Reliance’s DNA. The Company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach and programmes are strategically designed to positively impact communities by addressing issues critical to India, including health, education, and livelihoods. The Company’s CSR initiatives aim to enhance access to healthcare facilities, promote healthy living habits, and improve learning opportunities for children and youth, especially those in underprivileged communities. Reliance’s endeavours to enhance livelihoods focus on skill-building and creating employment opportunities to uplift the economic status of individuals. Health and Education initiatives were the focus of attention in 2022, with significant events, programmes, and influence throughout the year. Gender parity and inclusivity are also prioritised in all initiatives. This holistic approach reflects the Company’s unwavering commitment to building a stronger and inclusive India, ultimately contributing to the nation’s holistic socio-economic development.

Reliance CSR initiatives are a testament to the Company’s commitment to creating empowered citizens and enhancing the lives of those in need while serving as a beacon of inspiration for other like-minded organisations to join hands to build a New India and craft a better tomorrow for all.

Reliance will continue to refine and broaden its portfolio of sustainable products and services to meet the evolving needs of customers. The Company remains committed to creating new opportunities for its partners and suppliers to prosper and enhance value creation for their stakeholders in turn.

Focus Areas of Engagement

Rural Transformation

Reliance Foundation’s Rural Transformation programme promotes sustainable agriculture, rural livelihoods, and improving access to healthcare, education, and clean energy in rural India.


Reliance has established hospitals, clinics and telemedicine services, and runs campaigns to promote disease awareness and preventive healthcare.


Reliance Foundation aims to provide quality education to underprivileged children, enhance digital literacy, promote vocational training, and support research and development in the education sector.


Protecting the environment is one of the focus areas of the Company’s CSR programme which fosters sustainable development through initiatives such as afforestation, renewable energy, and waste management.

Arts, Heritage and Culture

Reliance Foundation supports various art, heritage and cultural initiatives to preserve and promote India’s rich cultural heritage. The focus areas include visual arts, music, dance, and theatre.

Disaster Management

Reliance Foundation assists in providing immediate assistance during natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes and supporting long-term rehabilitation efforts of affected communities.

Community Development

Building Vibrant Communities

The commitment to ‘care’ and the philosophy of 'doing good to others before doing well for ourselves' underlines every action undertaken by Reliance. The Company’s CSR policy is drafted in line with the provisions of Schedule VII of Section 135 of the Companies Act 2013 by a Board-level CSR & Governance (CSR&G) Committee and the CSR team. It outlines the organisation’s core developmental focus areas, related interventions, and governance procedures for approving programme budgets and monitoring beneficiary outreach and impact.

As a socially responsible industry leader, Reliance is deeply committed to enhancing the lives and aspirations of communities across the country. Through its CSR initiatives, Reliance has catalysed development in education, healthcare, and environmental and social development in underserved and marginalised sections of society.

In addition, Reliance partners with various organisations and government bodies to undertake development projects for livelihood enhancement, infrastructure, water management, and disaster management to create a positive and lasting impact on the communities it serves.

Rural Transformation

Reliance Foundation empowers marginalised communities to become self-reliant through the Rural Transformation programme that is being implemented in 16 states and two Union Territories has reached over 2.7 million people during FY 2022-23. The programme is built on two complementary pillars – Reliance Foundation Bharat India Jodo (RFBIJ) and Reliance Foundation Information Services (RFIS). Under these initiatives, targeted interventions such as building climate-resilience, enabling women’s entrepreneurship and strengthening agricultural value chains are implemented to enhance skills related to sustainable farming to create a whole new ecosystem of sustainable livelihoods in India’s hinterland.



Health for All

The power of empathy and care to overcome seemingly unsurmountable challenges has never felt closer to the heart than when humanity came together to fight the pandemic and rebuild their lives. Reliance Foundation’s ‘Health for All’ motto exemplifies the unwavering determination of the Company to broaden access to quality and affordable healthcare in India.

The Foundation’s integrated healthcare model and extensive delivery network have been instrumental in bringing much-needed care and cure to some of the most vulnerable sections of society. Through its healthcare initiatives, Reliance Foundation is not only addressing the healthcare needs of the underprivileged but also instilling hope and empathy in the hearts of millions. Reliance Foundation’s healthcare initiatives improve access to essential medical services for communities in India that are underserved or have limited options. Supporting most at-need communities to access quality healthcare, the health outreach programme of Sir H N Reliance Foundation promotes preventive healthcare alongside delivering general and specialised therapeutic care for all groups of people in collaboration with other institutions.

Through FY 2022-23, the various health outreach efforts reached 138,000 people through more than 580,000 consultations. Mobile Medical Units are the programme’s mainstay and help take medical care to the doorsteps of communities; MMUs facilitated 288,000 consultations in multiple locations during the year. The programme’s community health centres, also called static medical units, and health camps complement MMUs in facilitating healthcare access. Its comprehensive approach includes delivering preventive, primary, and tertiary care services with a focus on helping vulnerable populations. Reliance Foundation’s efforts are bolstered by the state-of-the-art quaternary care offered at the Sir H N Reliance Foundation Hospital and Research Centre. Since its launch, the Reliance Foundation has made a tangible difference in the health of over 8.5 million people, led by its mission to bring quality healthcare within reach for all Indians. Reliance’s HIV & TB Control Centre in Hazira provides prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation services for HIV/AIDS patients, as well as diagnosis and treatment for TB patients. It also runs health awareness programmes for the management of HIV/TB patients, an ICTC for HIV/AIDS counselling and testing.

A holistic community level vision care programme, Reliance Foundation Drishti encompasses initiatives including eye screening, correcting refractive errors through free distribution of spectacles and facilitating corneal graft and cataract removal procedures. Through FY 2022-23, 11,000 consultations were provided and the programme facilitated 545 cataract removal and 767 corneal transplant procedures.

The Reliance Foundation has launched the Reliance Nutrition Gardens (RNGs) initiative to improve the nutrition of small and marginal farmers in rural areas. RNGs provide a cost-effective and practical way for families to grow vegetables, fruits, and medicinal plants in their backyard or kitchen gardens. During FY 2022-23, more than 20,500 RNGs have been established, reversing malnutrition trends across 25 districts in 8 states and improving women’s health.

The RNG model has been appreciated by various government and nongovernmental organisations. It has been selected by the Government of Maharashtra to be scaled up for greater impact across several districts of the state. With technical support from the Reliance Foundation, kitchen gardens have been set up in Anganwadi premises in eight districts, and government officials are being trained to replicate the model in other districts.


46,000+ people, including 35,000+ women, engaged through various programmes

25,000+ children sensitised through school events held in more than 380 schools

2,600+ SHGs engaged through awareness campaigns on nutrition and the dangers of malnutrition

~1,600 women and adolescent girls screened for anaemia. More than 398 women and girls were identified as anaemic

2,600+ workers trained in nutrition and benefits of RNGs across 1,900+ Anganwadis

2,500+ RNGs established at the household level as well as in schools, Anganwadis and the community

POSHAN MAAH – National Nutrition Month

As part of its ongoing efforts to enhance nutrition outcomes, the Reliance Foundation engages in various initiatives to support and facilitate nutrition of people. Rashtriya Poshan Maah celebrated in September 2022 ran awareness campaigns in 24 districts to improve understanding of nutritional practices and improve outcomes to nurture good health, wellness, and immunity and prevent malnutrition. Anganwadi workers, members of women’s Self Help Groups (SHGs) and children participated in these events organised in collaboration with the Integrated Child Development Services, the State Rural Livelihood Mission, the Agricultural Technology Management Agency, the Department of Horticulture, district revenue inspectors, and other agencies.


Reliance Foundation prioritises education as a key driver of social and economic progress in India. Reliance believes that everyone should have access to quality education, regardless of financial, geographical, or cultural barriers. Through the Company’s educational initiatives, Reliance strives to make a positive impact on grooming young minds and youth and empowering them to overcome challenges and unlock their full potential to contribute to creating a better tomorrow for themselves, their communities and the country. Reliance Foundation’s ultimate goal is to create a more equitable and inclusive society where every young person can thrive and succeed.

To fulfil this vision, Reliance Foundation takes a multi-faceted approach to enhance the impact of primary to tertiary education by:

  • Building world-class educational institutions as a model for transforming and improving the education system in India
  • Investing in the development of India’s youth and future leaders by equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to tackle the Country’s challenges while promoting equal access to education for all.

Prioritising quality education, Reliance Foundation manages 14 schools across India that house over 14,500 students annually with a dedicated team of 916 educators and staff. These schools strive to create an environment that cultivates a passion for lifelong learning and academic excellence among the children while promoting individual growth. Offering a curriculum based on CBSE, Gujarat State Board, and Maharashtra State Board, the schools cover education from Kindergarten to Class 12. The schools employ a dynamic curriculum that is flexible and continually evolving, utilising contemporary pedagogy to enhance students’ intellectual and creative abilities. Students have excelled in sports and co-curricular activities, and won awards in various competitions. Overall 11 international awards, 26 national awards, and 177 awards at zonal, state, and district levels have been received in the academic year 2022-23.





Reliance Foundation to Award 50,000 Scholarships Over the Next Ten Years

Reliance Foundation commemorated the 90th birth anniversary of its founder, Shri Dhirubhai Ambani, by announcing a commitment of 50,000 scholarships over the next decade to support students pursuing higher education in India. With half of India’s population under the age of 25, Reliance Foundation is committed to broadening access to higher education for Indian youth.

For academic year 2022-23 the Foundation is awarding up to 5,000 merit-cum-means undergraduate scholarships of `2 lakh and up to 100 merit-based postgraduate scholarships of H6 lakh for the entire duration of the course. The undergraduate scholarships will be awarded based on merit and financial need, while post-graduate scholarships will support emerging young scholars in computer science, artificial intelligence, engineering, and life sciences. Both programmes will provide financial support and opportunities for expert interactions, industry exposure, and volunteering opportunities.

The Dhirubhai Ambani Scholarship and the Reliance Foundation Scholarships have already impacted the lives of 12,952 youth, enabling them to pursue higher education and become leaders in their communities and organisations.



JIO InstituteTransforming Higher Education in India

The Jio Institute is a leading higher education institution that brings together exceptional scholars and thought leaders to provide worldclass education. Its goal is to become a globally renowned Indian academic institution, driving innovation and shaping society and industry through interdisciplinary research. In FY 2022-23, the Jio Institute introduced postgraduate programmes in AI & Data Science, Digital Media, and Marketing Communications. It plans to expand its offerings to include undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral, and post-doctoral programs. The Institute’s stunning 52-acre campus in Ulwe, Navi Mumbai, features world-class infrastructure against a breathtaking natural backdrop.

Sports for Development

Reliance Foundation believes that when children learn and play, communities grow and prosper. The Foundation leverages sports as a transformational catalyst for inculcating a passion for lifelong learning, character building and honing leadership skills among India’s youth, who are the nation’s future. The Foundation’s Sports for Development is empowering youth from the far-flung parts of the country to give expression to their sporting prowess and bring glory to their communities and the nation. In its journey to groom the next generation of champions, the Foundation plays a key role in fostering the development of underserved communities charting paths for national prosperity. Reliance Foundation stands by these talented youth as they build bright futures giving their sporting talent wings to fly and reinforcing their spirits by letting them know that Reliance cares.

Reliance Foundation recognises the importance of collaboration in realising the nation’s shared vision for sports. It works with various sports organisations to offer training and competition opportunities, improve sporting infrastructure, and provide equipment to young athletes. Reliance Foundation’s sports initiatives are free and accessible to all and have already impacted the lives of over 22 million youth across the country.

Education and Sports for All

Inspired by the 'We Care' philosophy, Reliance aims to give all children access to innovative learning experiences integrated with energising sporting interventions to improve the quality of their lives today and into the future. The Education and Sports for All (ESA) initiative, launched in 2010, makes world-class education and sports experiences accessible to children irrespective of background. The Foundation’s unwavering dedication to the cause of education and sports is inspiring thousands of budding minds to pursue their dreams and overcome every obstacle that comes their way.

Reliance Foundation strongly believes in the power of education to transform lives. It is committed to providing access to high-quality education for all and ensuring that financial, geographical, or cultural limitations do not come in the way of access to learning. The Foundation’s unwavering dedication to the cause of education ignites a spark of hope in the hearts of countless young individuals and its tireless efforts are inspiring thousands of budding minds to pursue their dreams and overcome every obstacle that comes their way.

It aims to bring about an overall improvement in the quality of education in India through innovative methods and interventions. Reliance Foundation partners with organisations specialising in education and sports to maximise impact and improve outcomes. Through these partnerships, the ESA programme has positively impacted the development of over 4 lakh children across India in recent years.

December to Remember

Reliance Foundation spread joy to over 8,100 underprivileged children during the ‘December to Remember’ celebrations. This initiative brought to life the Company’s philosophy of ‘We Care’ through employee volunteering. Starting in the first week of December in Mumbai, the ‘December to Remember’ activities took place at Thane, Kolkata, Varanasi, Ahmedabad, Silvassa, Bhubaneshwar, Bhopal, Shahdol, Delhi, Ranchi, Chennai and Bengaluru, engaging children from diverse backgrounds.

Strengthening the Olympic Movement in the Country

In 2019, Reliance Foundation launched a targeted initiative to help improve India’s performance in international sporting events, including the Olympics. The Foundation has partnered with various organisations, including the Odisha Government and the Athletics Federation of India, to draw on synergies and further its mission. The partnership with the Odisha government has created a state-of-the-art High-Performance Centre for Athletics (HPC) in Bhubaneswar to groom national and international medallists and promote athletics in Odisha. HPC also serves as a national centre for the training and development of leading national athletes. The Reliance Foundation recognises the importance of sports science and medicine in improving performance and provides specialised support to scholarship athletes and attendees of Athletics National Camps through its partnership with the Athletics Federation of India.

Reliance Foundation has supported several talented athletes through its Athlete Scholarship programme working closely with coaches, the government, and sports federations. During FY 2022-23, scholarship athletes won 41 International and 98 National medals in badminton, archery, weightlifting, table tennis, shooting, boxing and sprinting.

Reliance Foundation: Giving Wings to India’s Olympic Movement

Led by its Chairperson Smt. Nita Ambani, Reliance Foundation is leading the charge to spread the Olympic Movement across India. The success of the Foundation’s endeavours is best reflected in the success of the delegation led by Smt. Ambani winning the bid to host the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Session in Mumbai in 2023. This is a major milestone for India and its people as it will bring back the Olympic movement to the nation after four decades.

Reliance and the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) announced a long-term partnership to elevate the performances of Indian athletes, support the national sports federation, and build the credentials of India as a global sporting nation, with an aspiration to host the Olympic Games in the future. Under this partnership, Reliance and IOA will also establish the first-ever India House at Paris Olympics 2024. These initiatives go a long way to demonstrate India’s readiness to become a significant sporting nation globally.





Women Empowerment

Reliance believes empowered women create a stronger and better world. Through programmes that extend care and instil confidence, Reliance Foundation is enabling women to overcome societal, educational and cultural limitations to become self-reliant and propel our nation to greater heights and build a vibrant tomorrow. These programmes are designed to ignite the inner spark and strength of thousands of marginalised women to overcome the greatest adversities. Reliance Foundation has been extensively working across India since 2010 to empower women leaders and their societies in locally feasible ways through a threepronged approach:

Enabling Women-Inclusive Development Planning and Decision-Making

Increasing participation in households, institutions and community decisionmaking

Supporting sustainable agriculture practices and climate resilience for food and nutrition security of women and children

Enabling better quality of life with improved access to drinking water

Strengthening Entrepreneurial and Livelihood Capabilities for Women

Increasing access to knowledge, livelihood skills, productive assets, markets, finance and technologies

Promoting women entrepreneurship on diverse livelihood options both farm and non-farm

Increasing participation of women in various value chains

Enhancing Access to Basic Entitlements for Social Security

Supporting access to information, skills and resources

Securing basic entitlements and social security schemes

In an effort to empower women in rural communities towards the pathway of entrepreneurship, Reliance Foundation works through its DRIWE (Diversifying Rural Incomes and Women’s Entrepreneurship) initiative to strengthen economic and individual agency of women.

A new initiative aimed at strengthening the capacity of women leaders in the social sector was launched by Reliance Foundation in partnership with Vital Voices. Fifty women from the social sector were selected for the first cohort, chosen for their work in Education, Rural Transformation, Sports for Development, and Arts, Culture, and Heritage. The 10-month Fellowship includes a comprehensive learning curriculum, access to a network of leaders and influencers, and mentoring to broaden their knowledge and skills. Reliance Foundation also supported an initiative called the WomenConnect Challenge India, in partnership with USAID.

Reliance launched 'The First Responders: Women who led India through the 'pandemic', a book by Reliance Foundation and Observer Research Foundation that celebrates the women who supported their communities during the COVID-19 pandemic in India. Another publication ‘Access, Aspirations and Agency’ focuses on women from the grassroots who have helped bridge the Gender Digital Divide.

These knowledge sharing initiatives built visibility for women’s voices among key stakeholders.

Disaster Management

The Reliance Foundation’s Disaster Management Programme focuses on building resilience and reducing the impact of natural disasters on individuals, communities and the overall economy in India. The programme aims to create stronger and more resilient communities, reduce disaster risks and losses, and empower communities to make decisions on disaster risk reduction. It uses a well-orchestrated structure spanning disaster risk reduction, mitigation, response and recovery based on a proactive, technologydriven, and sustainable approach. It covers all four phases of disasters including promoting climate resilient practices for disaster mitigation. This is implemented through a network of local volunteers and communitybased organisations.

Arts, Culture and Heritage

Reliance Foundation is committed to preserving and promoting Indian art, culture, and heritage. The Foundation works to document and preserve cultural heritage, give artists a platform to showcase their work and provide livelihood opportunities to traditional artists and craftspeople. The Foundation also aims to make Indian art and culture more relevant to young people and help them appreciate and connect with their heritage.

India’s first-of-its-kind, multi-disciplinary cultural space, the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre was inaugurated in March 2023, with an exquisite showcase of the best of India across music, theatre, fine arts, and crafts to audiences from India and the world. The Centre marked another definitive step in strengthening India’s cultural infrastructure and bringing to fruition the best of India and the world in the sphere of arts.

In line with Reliance Foundation’s Founder & Chairperson Mrs. Nita M Ambani’s vision to promote art in India, the launch programme featured a specially curated art and craft exposition called ‘Swadesh’ along with three inspiring shows – a musical theatrical called ‘The Great Indian Musical: Civilization to Nation', a costume art exhibition called ‘India in Fashion’ and a visual art show called ‘Sangam/Confluence’. Together, the programmes were an exploration into the diversity of India’s cultural traditions and their impact on the world, while also showcasing the versatility of the spaces at the Cultural Centre. Reliance has been undertaking various initiatives to take Indian art and culture to the global stage.

Reliance Foundation supported a unique event in July 2022 featuring Indian devotional music, Bolava Vitthal, in Hyderabad, Mumbai and Jaipur. The intent was to promote and preserve India’s rich traditional art and culture.

Customer Satisfaction

Prioritising Customercentricity and Wellbeing

Reliance Retail serves millions of customers daily and provides them with unlimited choice, outstanding value propositions, superior quality, and unmatched shopping and delivery experience through physical stores, merchant partner stores, and digital commerce platforms.

With over 249 million registered customers, Reliance Retail further aspires to enhance customer experience led by the Panch Pran as outlined below:

  • Enhance Customer Experience - Leverage technology to provide seamless experiences across digital and physical touch points.
  • Reach the Underserved – Expand reach to serve customers, especially the underserved in rural India. Integrate with millions of small merchants and provide them with a platform to prosper while offering customers in the hinterland the same choices as big cities.
  • Offer Maximum Choice – Deepen product categories to provide continuous and diverse options for customers across all segments. Invest in design, value, service and experience to empower customers.
  • Diversify Product Portfolio – Partner with brands, small producers, and MSMEs to source a wide range of quality products for customers. Support MSMEs to offer globally competitive products at different price points.
  • Strengthen Logistics – Establish a strong, technology-driven supply chain to efficiently move products across India. Eliminate inefficiencies and waste to benefit customers and the national economy.

Reliance Jio has deployed towers in far-flung tribal villages across Arunachal Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh to reach connectivity and the benefits of the digital era to these unserved communities. Aimed at making the digital revolution inclusive and fostering equitable development across the country, Reliance envisions that mobile connectivity to marginalised people will improve accessibility to education, healthcare and finance.

Personalising Customer Experience

Reliance Digital remains committed to realising its vision of personalising technology. The Company’s ‘Digital Experts’ strive to deliver the best shopping experience to every customer by understanding their unique requirements and needs.

The Company ensures unparalleled customer service by continuously training its Digital Experts to upgrade and upskill with evolving technology. Reliance Digital takes pride in nurturing talent from within the organisation and encourages store managers and department managers to avail opportunities for professional growth and development. The Company’s impressive Net Promoter Score (NPS) has been consistently improving month on month.

To maintain this positive momentum and continue to sustain and grow the customer experience, Reliance Digital launched a campaign called "Technology Se Rishta Jodo." Through this campaign, Reliance not only addresses customer needs but also educates them about the latest technology, helping them feel more comfortable and confident in their purchase decisions. Customers of all ages have responded positively to this approach, appreciating not only the Company’s competitive pricing and wide range of products but also the knowledge and confidence they gain in making technology purchases.

Improving Customer Experience at Reliance Retail

Reliance Retail’s Fashion & Lifestyle business emphasises strong customer-centricity in all business decisions. The Company has launched several initiatives to improve the customer experience for delivery, returns, order tracking, and refunds. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is continuously tracked and through various initiatives, efforts are put to improve the matrix. The Company has introduced customer feedback forms in 9 regional languages and reduced the average turnaround time for customer complaints by 2.2 days. Ajio has launched chatbot and self-care sections on its app to provide 24/7 customer support, and 99% of refunds are repaid at the customer’s doorstep. Additionally, Ajio has improved its supply chain speed by over one day through order delivery speed improvement programmes.

Customer Satisfaction Initiatives

The Company ensures that the customer is at the focal point of all decision-making processes related to delivering products, services, and experiences. In line with this belief, Reliance Digital introduced multilingual customer support at its Contact Centre. Representatives can now communicate with customers in 10 different regional languages, ensuring that language is not a barrier to excellent service. Reliance Digital implemented new features on its resQ app to improve its functionality and convenience for customers who can now purchase and renew the req Care Plan (RCP) directly from the resQ app, streamlining the process and saving time. The Company promotes the resQ app through its Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and calls with customers, allowing them to easily raise repair and service requests without contacting the Contact Center. The Company also upgraded its WhatsApp Chatbot, enabling customers to get answers to most of their queries.

To better track and monitor call volumes across all channels, Reliance Digital migrated to the advanced Genesys platform. This has allowed the Company to revamp its IVR and create multiple call queues to reduce customer wait times, resulting in consistently achieving a 99% call answered ratio. Reliance has also implemented logic for autoassignment of email tickets to resolver groups and of repeat emails leading to a 34% reduction in complaint ratios compared to the previous year, with 98% of customer emails being actioned within the specified turn around time.

Reliance Digital is proud to announce that its Contact Centre successfully renewed its ISO Certification, demonstrating the Company’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality and customer service.

Engaging with Customers Through Reliance Smart

Reliance SMART believes in establishing a strong connection with customers that goes beyond mere transactions. The Company aims to become a part of customers’ lives and engage with them through various activities and events. These activities are designed to appeal to different age groups and demographics, including in-store celebrations of festivals and community events such as singing competitions and park clean-ups.

To create personalised experiences, Reliance Retail has implemented customised outreach programmes. For example, the Amhi Sanglikar event, which focused on senior citizens, was successful in bringing seniors to the store for a day filled with fun activities. Similarly, women are invited to participate in quarterly Women’s Fun Day activities, providing a chance to connect with store teams on a more personal level. Reliance Retail also supports women entrepreneurs by collaborating with groups such as Women Entrepreneurs India (WEI) to organise seminars, knowledge sessions, and exhibitions.

Reliance SMART prioritises the health and well-being of its customers, partnering with pharmaceutical companies to conduct health-related activities. These activities include offering complete health packages at a discounted rate, free eye check-ups, and providing low-cost spectacles to those in need. The Company firmly believes that health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and it actively seeks to promote this philosophy through its customer outreach programmes.

Reinvigorating the Supply Chain for New India

Reliance’s efficient supply chain system includes suppliers, distributors, and logistics partners, both local and global, to source raw materials, manage distribution, and deliver products on time to customers. The Company uses various procurement methods, including direct purchasing, outsourcing, and strategic partnerships, to secure high-quality raw materials at competitive prices. Reliance has a robust state-of-theart logistics infrastructure, including warehouses, distribution centres, and transportation fleet. Digitisation and automation enable the Company to optimise supply chain operations and enhance efficiency and transparency.

Reliance deploys several strategies, including collaboration, communication, supplier development and performance management, to develop and grow a reliable and efficient supply chain to run and grow disruption-free operations.


Reliance Retail fosters strong trust-based relationships with its vendor partners by providing a transparent and supportive environment for engagement and deploying comprehensive training and development programmes. These programmes focus on improving the work environment and operational excellence of vendor facilities, including technical skills, quality assurance, safety, cost and waste reduction and people management. Around 400 vendor partners have been trained in the current financial year. The effectiveness of the training is monitored through various tools with a focus on continuous improvement and ensuring the long-term sustainability of the value chain and its members.

Reliance Retail will continue to support initiatives that empower and uplift artisan communities by bringing them on a single platform and making their crafts accessible and facilitate market linkages. These initiatives could be in the form of promoting artisan collectives which has representation from different Indian arts and crafts, setting up self-sufficient skill enhancement centres across various regional clusters of India, take measures to enhance productivity and uplifting their quality of life of artisans. These centres may also serve as design and innovation studios for artisans to work on new craft methods and designs through experimentation while working on socio-economic.

Reliance Retail has rolled out a Green Supply Chain initiative that is looking at creating a sustainable supply chain for the ProEarth brand. The initiative covers social and governance aspects such as preference for MSMEs and supply agreements in line with the Code of Conduct, licenses for labour practices and encouraging the adoption of environment-friendly manufacturing, packaging, and delivery processes. The goal is to build sustainable attributes for Tier 1 manufacturers and extend the green supply chain to Tier 2 wet processors, Tier 3 Fabricators, Tier 4 Spinners, and Tier 5 Fibre manufacturers.


Kirana Partners: JioMart’s B2B programme in India is focused on building strong partnerships with kiranas. The programme provides partners access to an App that offers a range of options to help them expand their business and grow. The JioSmart Kirana programme further helps progressive-minded partners upgrade their stores by adopting modern trade practices that make kiranas more agile, asset-light, and become every neighbourhood’s landmark supermarket. JioMart also provides opportunities for kiranas to grow income by broadening visibility to external brands and digital assets like Jio Signage TVs and access to an endless assortment through the JioMart App QR codes. Additionally, special initiatives run by JioMart, such as discounts and digital marketing, help kiranas reach out to customers digitally and build a future-fit modern business.

Vendor Partners: JioMart’s B2B grocery merchandising team supports MSME vendors across India from 22 states. The products from these vendors are listed at multiple places in the app for merchants to explore and buy on the app. The JioMart platform has helped MSME vendors sell their goods with over 1200 unique SKUs to more than a million merchants. JioMart’s reach has also helped vendors widen distribution and expand market share by reaching territories that they scarcely served before. The platform provides MSME vendors with a sustainable growth platform, improved reach across India, and long-term partnerships.

In addition, the Shramik Naari initiative offers women entrepreneurs a platform to promote and market handicrafts and cottage industry goods such as khakhra, handmade soaps and incense sticks through weekend pop-ups outside stores.

Zero Poverty, Gender Equality and Economic Growth

Reliance is addressing poverty in local communities by investing in the growth and wellbeing of employees, especially blue-collar workers. At least 40% of the blue-collar workforce is drawn from local communities around the Company’s operations. Regular work and life skills training is provided to ensure employability and quality of life. As an equal opportunity employer, the Company offers similar rewards, recognition and benefit standards to workers commensurate with their roles irrespective of gender. Workers’ economic and social security is achieved through pay parity, minimum wages, bonuses, and incentives.

The Company promotes gender equality and employment for persons with disabilities and is working to draw talent from LGBTQ communities into the workforce. These efforts also cover the extended supply chain, with initiatives to increase female workforce participation in warehouse operations and encourage packaging suppliers and merchandising vendors to report on their performance concerning gender equality.


Reliance Retail’s SMART SEVA initiative is making a positive impact by enabling customers to give back to their local communities. With a network of 589 NGOs across 677 grocery stores, the Company collects and provides donations to those in need. Store Kartas work with their teams to identify important causes and beliefs within the community. Every SMART SEVA store has a donation box, and every quarter, the store organises an event to hand over the collected donations. This approach fosters a relationship of mutual gratitude and awareness between customers and local NGOs. The staff accompanies customers to the NGOs each month to make the donations. The initiative has seen numerous projects to clean and restore parks, plantations, and the community rolled out. By empowering customers to make a positive impact in their communities, SMART SEVA is helping to build a more sustainable future for all.

Oil to Chemicals

Reliance integrates sustainability assessments into its supplier evaluation and on-boarding processes. A rigorous screening process is undertaken for all suppliers. All suppliers must explicitly accept the Company’s Supplier Code of Conduct and ensure compliance with labour and human rights, health and safety, environmental protection, ethical conduct, business integrity, and confidentiality laws and standards. Reliance has robust mechanisms to ensure regulatory adherence and prevent unlawful behaviour by suppliers, including through its Ethics Committee and other compliance functions.

Supplier Relationship Management

The Company has made sustained investments in mega projects and operations that have contributed to the development of India’s supplier base in the chemicals and engineering sectors. Reliance supports and encourages its suppliers to indigenise, expand their capabilities, and grow their economic returns. The Company has established long-term relationships with leading Indian engineering companies, raw material suppliers, and industrial goods manufacturers and procured 75% of goods and services (non-crude/nonfeedstock) from indigenous suppliers in FY 2022-23.

Reliance has launched the 'Supplier Relation Management (SRM)' programme to engage in constructive dialogue with critical O&M (Operations and Maintenance) contractors who provide services across the manufacturing sites. The SRM programme aims to build mutually beneficial relationships with the Company’s strategic service providers to drive higher and more satisfying service levels and promote quality, productivity, innovation, and ethical value-based association. Thirty contractors have been selected to participate in the first phase of this programme.

Reliance delivers superior products and services to its customers by working with its contractors to ensure that their employees are competent and that work is carried out in a safe environment in compliance with statutory requirements. Some of the initiatives on this front include:

  • Standardisation of PPEs for contract workmen
  • Fair & transparent practices of statutory compliance
  • Contractor performance evaluation, including safety and environment performance
  • Trade & safety test for all contract workmen
  • Focus on safety practices and records during new contractor registration
  • Pre-medical check-ups for all contract workmen
  • Weekly visit of safety ambassadors to plants for improvement of the safety of contract workmen
  • Training for field personnel for safe handling of hazardous chemicals by vendors

Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Reliance has implemented several initiatives in its supply chain to promote sustainable sourcing, reduce its environmental impact, and promote supplier engagement. The Company’s sustainable sourcing ethos focuses on following eight parameters:

Green Packaging: Reliance focuses on using recycled plastic/PET flakes, returnable pallets/tubes management, optimisation of bag specifications, and palletisation to reduce material usage and ensure safe handling and faster turnaround.

Environment Protection: Reliance aims to reduce wood consumption by replacing pine-wood platters with plastic pallets, bring down paper consumption through the use of 5-ply recycle cartons, and prefer energyefficient products. The Company makes procurement decisions based on energy efficiency and procures energy-efficient LED/solar lights. Reliance also focuses on catalyst regeneration/rare metals reuse.

Supplier Collaboration: Reliance collaborates with its contractors and suppliers to build contractor capacity, invest in R&D, ensure business continuity through suppliers’ new generation leaders, and establish long-term agreements. Major O&M contractors have established new skill development centres for Hazira, Dahej and Vadodara, and have operationalised their skill centre in Jamnagar to cater to the Company’s skilled resource requirements. Mechanical maintenance contractors have arranged train-the-trainer sessions through OEMs. In addition, contractors are investing in research and development (R&D) to continuously develop new tools, clamp design, and standard operating procedures to increase productivity and reduce lead times.

Reliance is also building business continuity with its suppliers’ nextgeneration leaders who are keen on digital initiatives and support the Company’s current roll-out plans. Long-term agreements have been established with packaging suppliers to reduce system costs, including joint programmes with vendors to develop new products that offer alternate grades, lower dosage, and better product quality. Reliance is capturing the risk of high spend critical O&M service providers across business continuity, compliance, and financial risk. These collaborative efforts aim to build trust and establish long-term partnerships with contractors and suppliers to achieve the Company’s business objectives.

Make in India and Development of India’s Engineering Talent: Reliance has taken several initiatives to promote local sourcing and indigenisation of its supply chain. These include the replacement of imported Spin Finish oil with in-house recipes and indigenous manufacture, and development of alternate lubricity additive from a local source for the refinery. Reliance has also onboarded local suppliers to de-risk single source overseas suppliers and developed local integrators to supply low spend spares/consumables currently supplied by multiple tail spend vendors.

Launch of Digital Platform Applications for Procurement and Contracts: Reliance has launched a digital Procurement and Contracts (P&C) platform that uses Industry 4.0 technologies to streamline end-to-end procurement processes. The platform includes several applications such as SourcingFirst, SupplierFirst, WellSpent and BuyerFirst, which ensure compliance with the Company’s sourcing policy, provide real-time visibility of the sourcing cycle, and minimise risk.

The P&C platform has developed multiple digital tools that enhance efficiency and address digital challenges faced by both buyers and suppliers. One such tool is the Automated Measurement Sheet (Green Channel), which considerably reduces invoicing lead time. This enables suppliers/contractors to receive quicker payment and better payment visibility. It also helps Reliance and its suppliers/ contractors to reduce paper usage and manual labor.

Contract Worker Care: Reliance ensures 100% compliance with laws and regulations related to contract worker wages payment verification, contractor worker safety focus, and contract worker PPE norms by work type.

Community Support: Reliance encourages the use of "near plant" community in its contracts.

Regeneration and Safe Disposal: The Company promotes the recycling of scrap thermal insulation, rejuvenation of hydro treating catalysts for refinery, sale of e-waste, used oil, used batteries, used catalyst, and plastic waste to vendors authorised by SPCB/CPCB, and recovery and recycling of all recyclable waste.

Robust Supplier Evaluation Criteria

The company follows a rigorous screening process for supplier registration and assessment during pre- and post-award stages. The Supplier Code of Conduct, is the basis of the company’s relationship with its suppliers. Reliance strengthens its commitment to the Supplier Code of Conduct by seeking explicit acceptance from its suppliers. The company also facilitates measures to comply with Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Bribery, and Prevention of Corruption Act and its own Supplier Code of Conduct. The Ethics Committee and compliance functions undertake regulatory compliance and counterparty checks, real-time screening, and investigations to curb unlawful behaviour by suppliers.

Reliance has also subscribed to EcoVadis Sustainable Procurement solution to assess value chain partners in the O2C business on 21 parameters covering four major criteria: Environment, Labour & Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement. As on March 31, 2023, the Company has engaged with over 90% of suppliers on the aforementioned assessment, of which 11% have completed the assessment.


As a leading multinational conglomerate, Reliance prioritises strengthening social and relationship capital to drive long-term growth and success. The Company continuously emphasises the significance of building and maintaining strong relationships with key stakeholders such as customers, communities, and supply chain partners.

Reliance has adopted a customer-centric approach to understand the needs and preferences of its customers and provide tailored experiences and services that best meet their evolving needs. Combined with a world-class, differentiated experience, Reliance will further enhance long-term shareholder value and expand outreach to an expanded customer base.

The Company will continue to prioritise the development of a robust and sustainable supply chain, working closely with suppliers to manage disruptions, improve efficiency, and drive innovation. Reliance is developing and strengthening its value chain relationships to better leverage the expertise and resources of its partners to accelerate growth and innovation. The Company also takes conscious measures to enhance the capabilities of its partners and suppliers to broaden growth opportunities for them. Reliance stays focused on encouraging its suppliers and partners to embrace sustainable sourcing practices to minimise the environmental impact of the Company’s operations and that of its value chain.

Reliance’s unstinting support for community developmental imperatives will aim to empower and enrich many more community members so they can become equal partners and contributors to the nation’s success and secure a sustainable future for themselves and India.

Strengthening its social and relationship capital through trust-led and transparent stakeholder engagement will continue to be critical to help Reliance achieve long-term sustainable success.