Digital Ecosystems

JioGenNext started its journey with Chairman and Managing Director, Shri Mukesh D. Ambani’s vision of nurturing startups. He recognised very early on that startups will increasingly become a great powerhouse of talent, technology and innovation for the country. We have another program Sponsored by Israel Innovation Authority (IIA), and in partnership with OurCrowd and Yissum, to support the Start up ecosystem.

JioGenNext: Nine years of impact

18 startup mentorship
programmes conducted

13,670+ applications
received from aspiring

177 startups mentored

$545 million collectively
raised by alumni startups in
early-stage venture capital

118 alumni startups have
raised funding

73 startups have raised
institutional funding

27 alumni startups acquired
by the industry

55+ alumni startups have
engaged with Reliance/Jio

Market Access Programme (MAP)

Established with the goal of assisting early-stage startups in achieving growth and scalability, MAP operates with an annual cohort and continuously onboards startups throughout the year. Through MAP, JioGenNext aims to enhance its support to startups and foster mutually beneficial partnerships within the startup ecosystem.

The programme focuses on offering guidance and opportunities to startups by providing access to industry experts from Reliance, Jio, and the industry.

JioGenNext’s Market Access Programme (MAP) engages startups to explore opportunities within the Reliance ecosystem and receive hands-on guidance for scaling up.

JioGenNext has nurtured a rich mentor pool over the years. It includes senior leaders from the Reliance ecosystem, startup founders and CXOs from the industry.

The JioGenNext team spends quality time with every founder to reflect on various aspects of their business and provide critical inputs and direction.

Reliance / Jio access

  • Offers a unique 'customer-as-amentor' model
  • Build bridges for founders with the Reliance and Jio ecosystem
  • Establish and accelerate interactions between startups and internal stakeholders to explore potential partnerships and opportunities that can propel their
    rapid growth.

Business Mentorship

Personalised and outcome oriented advisory for each startup on product innovation, go-to-market strategy, hiring, marketing, fundraising and product-market fit.

JioGenNext MAP’22

JioGenNext launched MAP’22 in FY 2022-23 with seven high potential startups. This year, JioGenNext has partnered with MeitY Startup Hub (MSH), a nodal entity of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India. The partnership with MSH involves providing opportunities through the MAP to get access to Reliance, Jio and industry mentors as well as investors and opportunities for developing proof of concept solutions.

The FY 2022-23 cohort

CloudHedge uses a product-led approach to save huge time and cost for large enterprises by modernising and deploying their IT applications on the cloud within weeks instead of months.

Skyware uses sensors and proprietary AI models to predict and enable early detection of grain spoilage in warehouses, thus saving time, money and wastage for agri-commodity suppliers.

Salcit Technologies Swaasa (A brand of Salcit Technologies) uses the smartphone to detect deadly lung diseases early, thereby allowing hospitals and clinics to save countless lives.

EdgeNeural AI is a platform that significantly reduces the time and cost incurred on developing, training, and deploying ML models on edge devices – hardware that regulates data flow between networks.

CloudWalker provides software that transforms the smart TV user experience for customers of small TV brands in India.

Vitra AI brings the world closer by translating videos, images, podcasts, and text in 50+ languages. It is the only tool customers will need for all and any transcription, translation, and synthesis requirements.

Meraqui alleviates the challenges of recruiting, onboarding, and managing grey and blue-collared contract workers for large enterprises with a
'workforce-as-a-service' platform. It is built to manage the entire hire-to-retire life cycle.

Major Product Milestones and Special Recognitions of our Alumni

ThinkerBell Labs: During the Digital India Week, Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi engaged in an interaction with Prathamesh Sinha, an 11-year-old visually impaired child who serves as the ambassador for ThinkerBell Labs. ThinkerBell Labs has developed a revolutionary device called Annie, which aims to simplify the learning of Braille language.

Dozee, an Indian medtech startup, specialises in contactless remote patient monitoring. Their flagship product recently obtained clearance from the US FDA (510(K) clearance). This significant achievement allows Dozee to expand its market presence substantially, revolutionising the lives of countless individuals worldwide.

Healthcare company Swaasa has developed a smartphone application that detects lower respiratory tract infections. It won the Anjani Mashelkar Inclusive Innovation Award 2022, which recognises prototype innovations or commercialised products/services. In addition to a cash prize of `1 lakh, the award also grants access to global mentors, customers, and healthcare partners.

Navana.Ai, in collaboration with Ujjivan Small Finance Bank, co-created Hello Ujjivan – equipped with voice, visual, and vernacular-enabled features. The app supports voice commands in eight Indian languages, allowing the Bank’s customers to perform various banking transactions and access services.

CloudHedge facilitates the rapid implementation and management of innovative technologies such as cloud and containers for enterprises on a large scale. It won the prestigious ‘Gartner Cool Vendor 2022’ award for demonstrated ability to create disruptive technology that delivers tangible value to customers.

GMetriXR, Gmetri’s flagship product, was utilised to develop the Metaverse experience for Reliance’s 45th AGM. It allowed users to virtually navigate through a lounge and interactively explore the company’s business highlights for FY 2021-22 by entering various virtual rooms.

Empowering Global Innovators

Labs/02, an Israel Innovation Authority (IIA) sponsored incubator, is supported by Reliance in partnership with OurCrowd and Yissum. It has become Israel’s leading incubator that mentors and invests in cutting-edge, disruptive, and exciting deep-tech startups that are geared to change the world. It empowers exceptional founders with deep exposure and access to global markets. Our portfolio of early-stage startups include:


Provides airlines, airports and ground handling teams with tools to address turnaround services performance bottlenecks, minimise delays and transform precious ground time to air time. It utilises deep-learning video classification algorithms that identify, in real- time, the start and completion of each turnaround service using existing infrastructure. Real-time alerts coupled with comprehensive reports yield significant operational improvements.

Education as a Service (EaaS) platform revolutionising learning efficiency and providing data driven, efficient, personalised and precise instruction to all, based on a Personal Knowledge Model built automatically for each student. Using novel AI, NLP, neuroscience and cognitive principles, it developed a 'linguistic engine’ that adapts its lessons to match individual needs. Enables interactive and tailormade teaching, based on data driven lessons generated in real-time.

Helps deliver higher quality software faster, cutting release time by over 50%, and delivering higher quality code by empowering DevOps, QA and BI teams to automate testing workflows within minutes. Makes it easier to build Continuous Integration pipelines by any team members using highly intuitive visual interface and hundreds of pre-built actions and templates.

Artificial intelligence-based SaaS platform that revolutionises the way customers access support by leveraging advanced natural language processing (NLP) to understand complex queries and provides contextaware, accurate results. Customers can expect spot-on answers, highlighted or time-stamped suitably in the results delivering better customer connect.

Provides AI-driven proactive, automated network management and configuration (next-gen AI Ops for networks) for the emerging cloud-managed architecture of critical enterprise networks. Businesses today rely on networks, but they are difficult to set up and even more complicated to operate.

Brings urban data to life thereby revolutionising data driven insurance. Uses cutting edge NLP and AI algorithms to automatically curate, organise, and standardise relevant data. Offers unparalleled dynamic and hyper-local insight that reveals inherent risks and opportunities to price, select and underwrite risks better and faster.


Hardware-agnostic SaaS platform using a combination of signal processing, Deep Learning, and Generative AI algorithms to turn wearable devices' data into real-time cognitive and emotional states insights delivery. Enabling products for mental health and well-being, workplace safety, productivity, gaming, and fitness. Trusted by global corporations like Qualcomm, Garmin, Sony, and other enterprises.

Provides a software-only, motion based, driver monitoring product by using unconscious, uncontrollable, muscular submovements to monitor brain activity. By tracking these movements from sources like steering wheels or smartphones, it can detect a wide range of cognitive states.

For example, fatigue, inattention, anxiety, alcohol/ drugs, etc. A patented non-invasive platform based on unique neuroscience algorithms that detect and decode human brain signals in real-time, using embedded sensors through motion monitoring.


Drone and AI-based system for autonomous livestock mustering. Tracks and counts animals, provides status of facilities including water troughs and fencing. Helps farmers cut operational costs and enables them to adopt new methods like rotational grazing that increase their yield per acre, enable carbon positive farming, and ethical rearing through free grazing.

Develops a near real-time nitrate soil data system with a revolutionary electro optical sensor and algorithm technology. Groundbreaking solution for soil porewater extraction and spectral analysis methods, provides clients with precise, continuous real-time soil nutrient data for optimised fertiliser application, enhanced yields, and a safer environment.

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Developing first-ever technology to provide a full understanding of every object’s unique electromagnetic signature – enabling an accurate 5D image of shape, substance, and temperature. The next-gen image processing algorithms add a suite of unmatched capabilities to infra-red cameras including sharper and more detailed imagery, the ability to capture 3D images from thermal cameras, precise material identification, and temperature measurement of objects.

Developing ground breaking core technologies for extended reality (XR) headsets. Next generation virtual reality (VR) headsets with its technology will be both immersive and ergonomic. Patent pending optics enables best-in-class 270º Field of View in a compact headset without compromising image fidelity and user’s convenience. Its lenses can be easily integrated into next generation VR / XR headsets.

An automated brand placement solution using real-time AI technology to offer contextual and targeted invideo advertising to premium, social, and e-games video media streaming services and content producers. Powering monetisation back to streamers and premium content owners to maximise revenue, drive higher advertising conversions, and enhance the viewer experience of live or on-demand video content by minimising interruptions.


A trusted end-to-end automotive cybersecurity solutions provider. Its embedded cybersecurity solutions and lifecycle management platform streamlines security work and data flow in the vehicle and beyond – from grids to charging stations, and technology across the connected, autonomous, and electric vehicle landscape. Provides best-in-class cybersecurity while maximising focus on product development and streamlined operations.

World’s first ‘Biometric’ Identity for industrial equipment and devices by adoption of a novel hardware-free, software-based approach to Industrial IoT cybersecurity and OT Failure Prediction. By leveraging a unique 'biometric' IoT device identity, it allows multifactor authentication and utmost sensor data integrity on a device and sensor level.

Most cost-effective and scalable Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) technology offering in the market for multiple industry verticals. QKD applies principle of quantum physics to exchange encryption keys in a manner proven to be secure forever. Developed by world-renowned experts in quantum technology, its unique patented design presents a breakthrough, paving the way for global mass adoption of QKD.