Transforming with
Conviction and Care

Reliance’s next wave of value creation is built around multiple hyper-growth engines that will redefine the way India connects, consumes, and grows. These transformative initiatives are instilled with Reliance’s core belief of facilitating inclusive growth.

New Commerce connects producers, kiranas and customers through Reliance Retail

Strategic objective

Transform the retail landscape in India through a
win-win partnership model with producers, brand companies and merchant partners.

Enablers and way forward

Sourcing Ecosystem

Sourcing ecosystem works with small producers and manufacturers (SMBs), regional, national and international brands. In particular, it supports small producers to modernise their operations, minimise inefficiencies and reduce leakages.

Expanding Selling Ecosystem

Selling ecosystem comprises of a vast network of merchants to serve customers across the length and breadth of the country.

Connected Supply Chain

Actively investing in building a state-of-the-art supply chain infrastructure to link all major sourcing locations through an automated, reliable and scalable warehousing, logistics and last-mile fulfilment ecosystem.

Digital Technologies and Platforms through Jio Platforms.

Strategic objective

Leverage technology to create market leading disruptive products and solutions that add value to our customers, across and beyond India.

Enablers and way forward


Largest all IP telecom network to ensure connectivity across the country to enable a digital revolution.

Technology Platforms and Ecosystem Solutions

Continuous platform building based on innovative and disruptive technologies such as AI, blockchain, cloud computing and IoT. Also, developing expertise in big data analytics, learning algorithms, AR/VR, AI-based education solutions, chatbots, speech and language processing, among others.

High-Speed Broadband

With fiber rollout across the country and imminent deployment of fixed wireless solution, Jio is scaling up highspeed broadband connectivity and digital solutions for Indian homes and small businesses.

Decarbonisation, transition from traditional fuels to renewable energy solutions

Strategic objective

Scale up New Energy and New Materials businesses, providing affordable clean energy alternatives.

Enablers and way forward

Clean Energy Transition

RIL targets to create a self-sufficient green ecosystem with setting up of five giga factories at Jamnagar. Integrated approach, technology selection and strategic partnerships will propel the energy transition initiative and drive sustainable cost competitiveness.

Carbon Recycling

Transformation of CO2 emissions into high value products and advanced materials will unlock the potential of utilising carbon as a valuable input. RIL is also developing next-generation technologies to utilise CO2 as feedstock.

Accessible and Affordable Clean Energy

RIL aims to establish and enable 100GW of solar energy by 2030. A progressive transition to green hydrogen is also planned by 2025. The goal is to scale up the clean energy generation to enable easily accessible and affordable solutions for all Indians.

Transition from B2B to B2B2C and Fuel to Chemicals Integration

Strategic objective

Build Reliance as one of the world’s leading O2C company, with a sustainable and circular business model.

Enablers and way forward

Net Carbon Zero

RIL targets to become a Net Carbon Zero company by 2035. RIL is embracing new technologies in the O2C business, optimising resource use and engaging in responsible energy management.

Maximising O2C Conversion

O2C business will leverage technology and its existing assets and streams to maximise conversion of crude to chemicals and materials, with an aim to create a sustainable, holistic, circular materials business.

Practising Circularity

Initiatives like recycling of PET and polyester products, Waste to Road, Waste to Oil, and circular polymer development will ensure efficient use of post consumer chemical products.