We Energise
Accelerating the
Green Transformation

Reliance is building world‑class, world-scale assets to produce new-age material, green energy, green chemicals, transforming our O2C business into a more sustainable model targeting circularity and Net Carbon Zero.

The investment of `75,000 crore with a readiness to double investment will further the Company’s goals related to energy transition, enhance renewable energy usage and operational eco‑efficiency, and broaden focused research for the New Energy business.

Taking the Green Route
Successfully engineered and commissioned first pilot Hydrogen Refuelling Station (HRS) at Jamnagar. It is built on vendor agnostic approach integrated with latest safety technologies and energy efficient design

Circular Economy

Reliance embraces a circular economy, reducing waste and repurposing resources. With trailblazing innovation, it crafts an efficient, eco-friendly business model, shaping a ‘just transition’ to a greener tomorrow.

Breaking Ground
Recron® Fibrefill
EcoGold – the world’s
first biodegradable

Scaling up Recycling
Increased recycling
capacity by 2x, with
a target of 5 billion
bottles annually

Revolutionising Recycling
Closed-loop recycling converts mixed
waste plastic into stable oil, allowing for
its transformation back into plastic

From Fossil Fuels to Renewables

Developed transition plan to switch to renewable power from fossil fuel‑based power.

Scaling EV network

Nationwide expansion for widespread coverage.




Torrefied biomass
fired in gasifiers
for first-ever green
Hydrogen generation

Sustainable Transformation
Biomass firing in Coal Fired Boilers (CFBs) at petrochemical sites increased to >11wt% of total feed

Developing Predictive Analytics
Creating usable datasets for constructing predictive analytics models powered by AI and ML for efficiency improvement

Upstream Gas as a Transition Fuel

RIL-bp JV by commissioning three new deep/ ultra deepwater fields in Block KG D6 in the east coast of India, will produce 30% of India’s gas production and cater to 15% of India’s demand and significantly contribute to energy import savings (upto $7 billion annually) and reduction in carbon footprint.

Forging a Future with Advanced Materials

Reliance envisions a future of advanced materials, constructing India’s first and world-class carbon fibre facility in Hazira, Gujarat. The integration of composites and carbon fibre enables the production of lightweight materials, bolstering Reliance’s hydrogen and solar ecosystems.


Unleashing Growth
Carbon fiber emerges as a long-term growth catalyst