The Reliance Group is one of the biggest private sector employers in India. With the help of a robust, consistent and meritocratic HR framework, Reliance continues to maintain a progressive people environment, where purpose driven talent is attracted and engaged. Reliance’s entrepreneurial culture aims to motivate all employees to play an integral role in the company’s growth.

Our Businesses



Our vision for India is that broadband and digital services will no longer be a luxury item – a scarce commodity. We believe that Reliance Jio initiative will radically transform the lives of 1.2 billion Indians.Know More


Our vision is to generate inclusive growth and prosperity for farmers, vendor partners, shopkeepers and consumers. Reliance Retail Limited (RRL) was set up to lead Reliance Group’s foray into organised retail.Know More

Petroleum Refining & Marketing

Petroleum refining and retailing is the second link in Reliance's drive for growth and global leadership in the core energy and materials value chain. Know More


With state-of-the-art petrochemical plants, RIL has ensured that growth always remains on a fast-track. We are now one of the world’s leading producer of petrochemicals and continue to set global benchmarks.Know More

Exploration & Production

Exploration and production of oil and gas is critical for India's energy security and economic growth. Reliance's oil and gas exploration and production business is therefore inexorably linked with the national imperative.Know More


With the commissioning of new investments in design, modern weaving, state-of-the-art finishing equipment, RIL continues to operate as one of the most modern textile complexes in Asia.Know More

Learning and Development

Reliance identifies and develops high potential talent within the organisation and provide them with accelerated learning and growth opportunities. There are various initiatives taken by the organisation to achieve this, including on-the-job training, digital learning, coaching and workshops.


CAP is one of the flagship cadre development programmes for middle level managers and provides them with multi-faceted learning, development and mentorship opportunities. It grooms them for senior level leadership roles.



This highly focused programme was introduced in 2015 to prepare high potential employees to be skill-ready for their transition into next level leadership roles in the organisation.



Spectrum is a week-long initiative aimed at strengthening the learning culture at Reliance. The initiative draws participation from thousands of employees, who engage in a plethora of learning activities, where one could learn anything right from how to play the flute to how to beat pollution.


Diversity and Inclusion

Our people represent diverse nationalities, cultures, genders, abilities, generations and experiences. Reliance strives to create a comprehensive workplace environment and leverages its rich and diverse human resource with a sustainable competitive advantage where each one is provided with an opportunity to participate, contribute and grow.


‘R-Aadya–Awaken the Senses’ is Reliance’s flagship mentoring programme designed for women across Reliance with an objective to prepare them for leadership positions. In this programme employees from different businesses are assigned internal mentors from senior leadership with other interventions and engagement sessions making this a wholesome learning experience.



Saksham is dedicated to highlight the strengths and contributions of our specially-abled associates. Through Saksham, Persons with Disabilities (PwD) at Reliance gain a platform to share their stories and experiences through various performances and leadership talks.


Employee Engagement and Welfare

Our people are our strength. This is the reason Reliance regularly conceptualises and implements initiatives to enhance employee engagement and welfare. Our aim is not only to boost productivity, but also to create an enjoyable work environment and a vibrant community.


RFD is one of the biggest corporate celebrations in India, celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary of Reliance Founder Chairman Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani. A host of indoor and outdoor activities, before and during the event, are planned for employees and their families as part of the celebrations. In addition, several awareness campaigns are carried out and blood donation camps are organised. RFD truly reflects the spirit of ‘One Reliance’ – one of our six values. More information about Our Values & Behaviours is available on About page.



Bring Your Family to Work (BYFW) is an initiative that fills employees’ family members with pride and brings both home and work families together. Every year’s BYFW event witnesses thousands of colleagues and family members participating in a plethora of activities and awareness initiatives. In a bid to raise environmental awareness, saplings and recycled products are given away as souvenirs.



R-Swasthya provides for preventive, curative and promotive aspects of not only the physical but emotional, mental, spiritual and financial aspects of wellness. Initiatives are designed to educate employees about lifestyle modifications to prevent early cases and complications of chronic lifestyle disorders.



The Change Agents for Safety Health and Environment (CASHE) movement is a step towards inculcating the best practices in the field of occupational health, safety and environment. Through monthly and yearly reviews, and a project charter, CASHE helps create a culture of healthy and safe workplace.



Reliance Employee and Family Emergency Response Services (REFERS) offers continuous assistance in case of any medical, accident, fire or security exigencies.


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