Fibre Intermediates

Our fibre intermediates sector comprises the Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA), Ethylene Glycols (EG) & Ethylene Oxide (EO) businesses.

We are amongst the largest global producers of these products. We have the largest volume share in the domestic market for PTA and EG and are the only merchant supplier of EO in India.

With our world-scale plants and best-in-class technology, we are the supplier of choice for our Indian customers.

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Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA)

We are among the top 5 PTA producers in the world. Our world-class manufacturing technology and strategic interest in this business have helped us in our journey of growth.

Our PTA continues to be the raw material of choice among polyester manufacturers across India. RIL is the only Indian company to service domestic customers using all three mediums, i.e., tankers, 1.1 MT bags, and 50 kg bags. We also embarked on establishing a global PTA footprint by entering the exports market. We export to the Middle East, Africa and European regions.


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Ethylene Glycols

We produce Mono, Di & Tri Ethylene Glycol (MEG, DEG, TEG) across five locations in Western India. In 2017 we commissioned a new world-class MEG plant at Jamnagar with a capacity of 750 KTA. With this our current capacity has increased to 1,500 KTA of MEG.

MEG is primarily used in producing Polyester Yarns, Polyester Staple Fibre, PET resin and PET film. It is also used in anti-freeze and coolants as well as in resins used as adhesives, surface coatings and enamels.


DEG is used in making unsaturated polyester resins, polyester polyols, polyurethanes, cement grinding aids and plasticizers.


TEG finds application mainly in the oil & gas industry as a dehumidifying agent. It is also used in the manufacture of plasticizers and as an industrial solvent.


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Ethylene Oxide

We produce and market Pure Ethylene Oxide (PEO) to several customers in India, spread across diverse end-use segments. PEO is used in the manufacture of Ethoxylates, Ethanolamines, PEGs, Glycol Ethers and Drug Intermediates.


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