Reliance Group Business Partner Code of Conduct (BPCOC)

1. Purpose

At Reliance, our Business Partners are critical stakeholders in our success and we are committed to strengthening our relationship with them.

Reliance Group (which includes Reliance Industries Limited, its subsidiaries and affiliates and joint ventures) gains its competitive advantage through strong performance by leveraging its competencies - reliability, quality and flawless execution in a timely and safe manner. We work with Business Partners who share these beliefs and competencies.

Reliance’s Business Partner Code of Conduct (“BPCOC”) articulates our expectations from our Business Partners with respect to ethical, compliant and safe conduct of business throughout the course of our business relationship.

Reliance values Business Partners who join us in pursuing these common goals and adopt practices that are consistent with BPCOC.

2. Scope

BPCOC applies to all current and potential Business Partners of Reliance Group including, but not limited to, customers, suppliers (of services and products), landlords/lessors, lessees, intermediaries, consultants, agents, representatives and distributors.

3. Integrity & Compliance with Laws

BPCOC applies to all current and potential Business Partners of Reliance Group including, but not limited to, customers, suppliers (of services and products), landlords/lessors, lessees, intermediaries, consultants, agents, representatives and distributors.

3.1 Business Integrity

We expect our Business Partners:

  • To not tolerate, permit, or engage in bribery, corruption, embezzlement, extortion, kickbacks, inducements or any other unethical practices.
  • To not offer any money or anything of value directly and/or indirectly to the employees of Reliance Group or persons representing Reliance in any way.
  • To not get involved in money laundering activities in any manner.
  • To follow fair practices to earn our business and not to indulge in any anti-competitive or unfair/restrictive trade practices in any form.

3.2 Conflict of Interest

We expect our Business Partners:

  • To be aware of the many different ways in which conflicts of interest can occur.
  • To avoid any situation that may involve a conflict between Business Partner’s personal interest and the interests of Reliance Group.
  • To disclose any actual or apparent conflicts of interest including but not limited to relationships or association with any existing / past employees of Reliance Group or their immediate family members.

3.3 Confidentiality and Protection of Reliance Property

We expect our Business Partners:

  • To use Reliance assets, including any equipment, materials, IT assets, for defined purposes only.
  • To comply with obligations relating to non-infringement, restricted use, secrecy and non-disclosure of Reliance’s confidential information and intellectual property as per the applicable agreements with Reliance.
  • To promptly report any security breaches or incidents that may affect the confidentiality of any Reliance provided information.
  • To strictly adhere to the provisions of “Non-Disclosure agreement (NDA)” wherever applicable.

3.4 Data Protection and Privacy

We expect our Business Partners:

  • To comply with all applicable laws relating to collection, processing and transfer of personal and personally identifiable information in the jurisdictions of their operations.
  • To implement appropriate information security systems and processes and report any incidents of violation or disclosure of confidential or personal data.
  • To handle and process data only for the purpose(s) mentioned in the agreement with Reliance.
  • To strictly avoid usage of unapproved messaging platforms for business communication involving any commercial transactions.

3.5 Social Media

We expect our Business Partners:

  • To ensure that posts on social media (including by their employees) are legally compliant and made in a responsible manner.
  • To not post confidential or proprietary information of Reliance in the public domain.
  • To not post derogatory, defamatory, inflammatory, disrespectful, obscene, threatening, abusive or malicious content about Reliance Group and/or its shareholders, promoters, directors, officers or employees.

3.6 Ethical Sourcing of Materials

We expect our Business Partners:

  • To use reasonable diligence with respect to sourcing of materials to execute Reliance orders.
  • To ensure that such sourcing neither promotes/supports counterfeiting nor benefits private or other groups that perpetrate human rights abuses and create violent conflict.
  • To take Reliance's prior consent in case any of the work of Reliance needs subcontracting or outsourcing.

4. Labour Practices

4.1 Employment

We expect our Business Partners:

  • Not to employ child labour
  • Not to employ people against their own free will (forced labour).
  • To provide a workplace that is free from harassment, intimidation or any form of sexual harassment.
  • To prevent discrimination in hiring and employment practices against any employee based on race, colour, caste, creed, age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability, etc.
  • To comply with all applicable laws and regulations relating to employees and workers including laws on wages, working hours and labour conditions and not engage in any activity prohibited by law such as slavery or human trafficking.

5. Health, Safety and Environment

5.1 Occupational Health and Safety

We expect our Business Partners:

  • To provide a healthy and safe working environment for their employees, contractors, partners and others who may be affected by their activities.
  • To ensure compliance with all applicable health and safety standards and obligations.
  • To ensure that all safety-related preventive systems are in operational preparedness at all times through appropriate drills, audits, etc.

5.2 Environmental Stewardship

We expect our Business Partners:

  • To uphold the core values of environmental protection and conservation and conduct business in an environmentally sensitive way.
  • To operate in a manner that any environmental impact of their designs, products, services, and manufacturing processes is minimized.
  • To encourage adoption of sustainable solutions where possible.
  • To comply with relevant environmental legislation and international conventions and standards.

6. Compliance

6.1 Communication and Awareness

We expect our Business Partners:

  • To clearly communicate the requirements of this BPCOC and how it translates into business practices and operations to all its employees and business partners.
  • To internalize and institutionalize the standards of business practices and operations as set forth in this BPCOC.

6.2 Certification

We expect our Business Partners:

  • To have an authorised representative to certify that he/she has read this Code and commits the Business Partner to these standards and to provide certifications from time to time confirming compliance with this Code.

6.3 Disclosures and Reporting Violations

We expect our Business Partners:

  • To promptly disclose to Reliance any actual or suspected incidents of violations of this Code, whether by any of its own or Reliance’s employees, in good faith, and on a confidential basis, to Ethics & Compliance Task Force at
  • To cooperate with and provide assistance to Reliance in conducting inquiries, and investigations into any past or current incidents or activities that could potentially be in violation of this Code.

6.4 Implications for Non-Compliance

Failure to comply with the standards set forth in this BPCOC or non-implementation of any corrective measures will entitle Reliance to:

  • Notify appropriate authorities or regulators, and/or
  • Suspend and/or terminate the agreement executed with the Business Partner with immediate effect, and/or
  • Take suitable action including appropriate legal action at the sole discretion of Reliance.