1.4 Mmbpd

Crude refining capacity, the largest single-site refinery complex globally


Reliance’s integrated refinery at Jamnagar has the highest complexity index  in the world


Customers for chemicals & materials across India


Largest petcoke gasifier globally


Largest PX producer in the world

*mmbpd: million barrels per day

Leading India into the circular economy

With a focus on adopting principles of circular economy, we are working to secure the promise of a sustainable future for generations to come. Through our "green" fabrics, eco-friendly materials, and initiatives to recycle waste plastic and reduce carbon footprint, we are helping lead India towards a circular economy. We continue to develop a sustainable petrochemical business model by promoting circularity and sustainability across downstream businesses through industry-wide initiatives and various re-engineered materials.




Fibre Intermediates



Reliance Composites Solutions (RCS)

A global scale Indian business

  • Reliance is the largest integrated petrochemical producer in India and the world’s largest integrated polyester producer.
  • We successfully commissioned the world’s largest Paraxylene (PX) complex and rank 3rd in the world for the production of PX.
  • We are among the top five producers of Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA) and Polypropylene (PP) in the world.
  • We are in the top quartile for our performance in costs, safety, and operational excellence.
  • Our global footprint includes international trading offices and tankages at key demand centres.

Harnessing the power of chemistry

We harness the power of chemistry to deliver sustainable solutions for our consumers, thus bringing happiness to millions of people, every day. We call it 'Chemistry for Smiles'.

To meet India’s ever-growing needs, we are investing in increasing our capacity to produce high-value petrochemicals by:

  • Creating value from waste
  • Increasing feedstock flexibility
  • Encouraging innovation through technology, materials engineering, product design and market-focused application development
  • Meeting new global market demands
  • Driving sustainability and the circular economy through brands and products.

Reliance Business Partner Code of Conduct