Reliance Composites Solutions (RCS)

We entered the composites business in 2017. This is part of our efforts to bring value-added, new-age materials to our downstream manufacturers and help them establish a leadership position for India in this large and globally growing market.

Reliance Composites Solutions (RCS) has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility—Vadodara Composites Division—located at Vadodara. Spread across 198 acres, these composites processing units consist of 3 feedstock and 7 finished goods plants.

Composites (Fibre Reinforced Polymers – FRP) have a huge market and are used in a variety of end-use applications such as in wind energy, railways, aerospace and infrastructure, where materials need to be as strong as steel while being much lighter in weight. The demand for such composites in India is seeing double-digit growth, especially with initiatives such as Make-in-India and other government projects including Smart Cities.

RCS operations include design, manufacturing, commissioning, and marketing market- and application-specific composite solutions. It offers a wide range of products – from standard shapes to the most challenging solutions, including custom fabrication and installation.

More importantly, Reliance composites are made at the world’s most integrated FRP/GRP (glass reinforced polymers) composite manufacturing facility.

This will help Reliance become a single-point solution provider encompassing conceptual design, prototype development, testing, manufacturing, logistics support, installation and after-sales services, and ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Reliance provides these composite design-development-installation solutions to key market applications such as Aviation, Defence, Shipping, Telecommunication, Mass Transportation (Rail & Metro Rail), Infrastructure & Disaster Management, Electricals & Electronics, Automobile, Industrial & Municipal Piping, and Power & Renewable Energy. These products and services are marketed under the brand name RelX™, the advanced composite materials brand of Reliance Industries Ltd.


The advanced material division manufactures resin and technical fabrics as well as Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) finished components. These materials are gaining fast acceptance due to properties including light weight, corrosion protection, flame retardant characteristics, chemical resistance, lower maintenance, and extended service life.

FRP/CFRP composites that are based on fibre materials such as Glass, Carbon and Aramid find application in sectors such as power, renewable energy, oil and gas, electrical and electronics, telecommunication, defence, aviation, ship building, mass transportation, automobile, roads and infrastructure, construction and disaster management, industrial and municipal piping, and more.

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