Innovation as a Way of Life

Reliance is a timeless inspirator following the path of disruptive innovation-led exponential growth.

Dr. R. A.

Chairman, Reliance New Energy Council

It is innovation that transformed us from a small textile trading firm into India's largest private sector enterprise and a Fortune 500® company.

From sparking off the equity cult in India to setting up the world's largest grassroots refinery, to now ushering in a digital revolution in India, Reliance has always demonstrated that innovation is in its DNA. Our bold ambitions for Reliance and for India push us to create an innovation agenda that is even bolder, ensuring that the next wave of growth will remain innovation-led.

Reliance Innovation
Leadership Centre

The Reliance Innovation Leadership Centre (RIL-C) was set up to implement the innovation agenda by deploying the best innovation practices that are new-age and transformational. The Centre aims to impact every element of the innovation ecosystem at Reliance – be it people or processes, technologies or new businesses. These practices will impact not only Reliance but also the industry and country at large.

Innovation Programmes


Innovation thrives within inspired minds. Jio LEAP was born to provide people at Reliance access to global thought and innovation leaders through interactive sessions. From industry captains to Nobel Laureates, senior government officials to social crusaders, many have inspired the people of Reliance through Jio LEAP.


The Beyonders programme aims at creating innovation leaders at Reliance by linking opportunity with innovation training. Participants receive training in multiple world-class innovation approaches to break psychological inertia and enhance quantity and quality of their ideas. In addition, the programme gives the participants opportunities to lead substantial innovation projects... read more

Reliance Innovation Awards

The Reliance Innovation Awards recognize the spirit of Reliance – to set quantum goals, be bolder than others, reinvent and make the impossible possible. These are annual awards that salute and celebrate our innovation achievements. After all, we will need more of these achievements as we reimagine the future! The infinity symbol depicts exactly that – infinite aspiration, infinite innovation, and infinite growth.

Mission Kurukshetra

Reliance recognises that every mind is creative. Mission Kurukshetra (MK) democratises creativity and innovation within the organisation. Through the Mission Kurukshetra platform, our people can submit ideas and track their progress right up to the implementation. In addition, businesses can put up specific challenges seeking novel ideas and solutions. In short, MK aims to be a platform where ideas are born, cross-fertilized, brought to a logical conclusion, and executed for impact.


Total Ideas Submitted


Total Ideas Reviewed

Mission Kurukshetra has provided me with an exemplary platform to connect & innovate with like-minded passionate people who possess sterling technical, behavioural and cognitive competencies.

Sandeep Sudan

For me, Mission Kurukshetra has been like a luminary, illuminating my mind with unique and creative ideas, leading to disruptive innovations.

Hitesh Chaudhari

I have always relied on Mission Kurukshetra as a splendid space for the CONTRASTS that allows me to nurture the BEST of ideas through total freedom of moulding the chaotic thoughts into innovative ideas, leading to an impactful execution.

Dr. Srija Sinha

It is because of Mission Kurukshetra that I have been able to motivate and inspire people at my workplace to submit their innovative ideas and contribute to the quality, production, and reliability enhancement at all levels.

Rajesh Kumar

For me, Mission Kurukshetra has been a significant contributor to letting me experience the “Eureka" moments by translating employees’ ideas to tangible benefits for all stakeholders.

Kaushal Mehta

I have been using Mission Kurukshetra as a Wikipedia of innovative ideas which provides ingenious solutions to solve some of the entrenched human needs.

Hetal Kothari

Game-changing Innovations at Reliance

Jio Bharat (Technology Innovation)

As India leads the 5G revolution, 250 million users still rely on 2G feature phones. These phones do not provide internet access, which is integral to economic well-being.

Jio Bharat is set to change this. This internet-enabled 4G phone is available at only Rs 999—the lowest entry price for such a phone. It brings high-quality, affordable data to all users, with a 30% cheaper monthly plan and 7 times more data compared to feature phone offerings of other operators. Users can enjoy unlimited calls anywhere in India, make UPI payments with JioPay, capture photos, and enjoy a range of entertainment services through JioCinema, JioSaavn, and FM Radio.

The Jio Bharat platform leverages device and network capabilities to deliver internet-enabled services on entry-level phones. This means that other phone brands can adopt the Jio Bharat platform to build Jio Bharat phones.

Jio Bharat exemplifies the innovative spirit of Reliance by breaking the digital divide and democratising access to technology.

New Commerce (Business Model Innovation)

The New Commerce initiative forms a connecting link between producers, kiranas (small grocery shops), and consumers to transform the retail landscape in India through a win-win partnership model benefiting all stakeholders in the value chain. Through this initiative, we aim to revitalise the spirit of entrepreneurship in India.

This business model innovation will transform and grow the merchant ecosystem by modernising and equipping merchants with a wider assortment of products, cutting-edge tools, and a reliable supply chain infrastructure, thereby bringing them in line with the evolving market and customer expectations.

H2ICE Powered Heavy-Duty Truck

Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) has unveiled India’s first Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine technology solution for heavy duty trucks. These Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine (H2ICE) powered trucks emit near zero emissions, deliver performance on par with conventional diesel trucks, and reduce noise with projected reductions in operating costs, thus redefining the future of Green Mobility. As part of its Net-Zero Carbon vision, Reliance with its vehicle partner Ashok Leyland have been successful in developing this unique technology.

JioPhone Next (Product Innovation)

Jio has been working relentlessly to make India 2G-mukt (freedom from 2G), so that even the poorest of the poor can enjoy the benefits of digital connectivity. To overcome the hurdle of smartphone affordability for over 250 million Indians, Jio launched JioPhone Next—the world’s most affordable full-touchscreen 4G phone – in collaboration with Google.

The phone is a disruptive device innovation with a unique financing option and unprecedented features like Pragati OS – a specially optimised version of Google’s Android OS, Translate Now & Read Aloud across 10 Indian languages, and a host of preloaded Jio and Google apps.

Synthetic Biology

Global lifestyle changes have triggered a demand for sustainable and eco-friendly materials and ingredients. Reliance’s capabilities in algal technology and Synthetic Biology have tremendous potential to address this demand by developing bio-processes for next-generation biomaterials, bio-chemicals, and bio-polymers. These materials can be produced in the least detrimental way and may in fact help reverse greenhouse gas emissions in the future. Novel biomaterials such as nanocellulose, non-animal leather, and spider silk and their composites have the potential to meet the vast needs of the biomedical, wound-care and personal care markets.