Fraud Alert - Global

Fraud Alert - Global

Certain persons unconnected with us have been masquerading as officials of Reliance Industries Limited or our Group Companies and are making business proposals to companies and individuals in several countries using fake email IDs ending with “” or “” or “” or “”. These business proposals are in respect of raising funds, proposed mergers and acquisitions and jobs at higher management level.

While making some of these proposals it is being wrongly portrayed that these proposals are made by Group Companies of Reliance allegedly registered in Russia or United States of America whose parent company is Reliance Industries Limited, Mumbai, India. So far the names of Russian and American companies which to our knowledge have been used for illegal activities are:

  • Reliance Retail Ventures LLC, Russia;
  • Reliance Industrial Investments and Holdings LLC, Russia
  • Reliance Retail Ventures Limited, Delaware, USA; and
  • Reliance Industrial Investments and Holdings Limited LLC, Delaware, USA

Reliance Industries Limited or any of the Reliance Group Companies do not have any office anywhere in Russia.

These communications have nothing whatsoever to do with us and are obviously intended to deceive the recipients.

Our officers’ signatures have been forged on several Letters and Agreements.

Reliance Industries Limited and Reliance Group of Companies only use email IDs ending with “”. Email IDs ending with “”, “”, “” and “” are never used by us or our Group of Companies.

A criminal complaint was filed by our Group Company on 23rd September, 2019 against one Ravi Navlani who was found to be using fake email IDs ending with “”. These criminal proceedings are continuing.

We have lodged criminal complaints with Mumbai Police (Cyber Cell) on 14th April, 2020 and 23rd April, 2020 when we noticed further use of fake email IDs to address communications to companies and individuals purporting to represent that these are from Reliance Industries Limited or our Group Companies. Investigation by Cyber Cell of Mumbai Police is in progress.

You are advised not to enter into any correspondence or transactions of any nature whatsoever on the basis of a communication received by you from any email ID except “”. Such correspondence or transaction will not bind us or our Group Companies in any manner whatsoever.

Kindly notify our Head – Fraud & Misconduct Investigations at if you receive any communication purporting to be from Reliance Industries Limited or any of our Group Companies from email ID ending with “” or “” or “” or “”.

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