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We take pride in the diversity of our people that make up the Reliance family.

The RIL Diversity & Inclusion Charter articulates our affirmation and unwavering commitment to the values of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

For us, “equal opportunity” is an integral part of our RIL Code of Conduct and emphasizes the principle of non-discrimination on the basis of race, colour, religion, gender, gender-identity (or non-disclosure thereof), age, marital status, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, place of birth and/or any other dimension of diversity.

We believe that our rich and diverse human resource reflects the wonderful diversity of our nation and gives us a sustainable competitive advantage.

Each of our employees is provided with an opportunity to participate, contribute and grow within Reliance.


‘R-Aadya’ is a gender inclusion programme to help women employees at every stage in their personal and professional lives. The programme seeks to build a more inclusive environment by focusing on and addressing gender-specific needs and challenges.


HerCircle is a first-of-its-kind digital networking platform launched by Nita Ambani to accelerate women empowerment and strengthen the bonds of sisterhood globally. It offers women around the world a joyful and safe space for interaction, engagement, collaboration and extended mutual support group.


Saksham is a platform for persons with disabilities at Reliance to share their stories of success and growth.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer

Reliance is committed towards ensuring equal opportunity to all applicants and employees. This commitment is reinforced by our Code of Conduct and our Values and Behaviours.

The Equal Opportunity Policy is applicable to all job applicants during selection process for employment and employees during employment period and is not limited to salary, increments, promotions, and a conducive work environment.

Reliance ensures that the work environment is free from any discrimination against persons with disabilities, gender, gender identity, or any other characteristics or status that is legally protected.

Further, we are committed to ensuring that a conducive environment is provided to all employees to perform their role and excel in the same. RIL continuously works towards creating a more enabling workplace through:

Inclusive Practices and Policies

All positions in the company are open to diverse applicants and employees and selection is based on merit. Reliance constantly works towards enhancing existing policies to support inclusion and designing new policies when needed.

Inclusive and Accessible Infrastructure for All

Reliance firmly believes in providing more inclusive and accessible workplace which includes a continuous effort to improve both infrastructure and digital communication accessibility.

Training and Career Development

The company shall endeavour to provide inclusive training and equal career development opportunities to all employees.

For more details, please read the Equal Opportunity Policy document (PDF)

Grievance Redressal Mechanism

All employees have the responsibility to comply with the Equal Opportunity Policy.

The company’s commitment towards inclusion reflects strongly in the non-discrimination statement, which is a part of the company’s Code of Conduct.

All employees are encouraged to report any incidents of violation of this policy, and Heads of Departments should act promptly when concerns arise, or complaints are filed.

  • In case any of the provisions hereinabove, contravenes any law or any instrument having force of law, the law time being in-force shall prevail.
  • Wherever the policy is translated in the vernacular language for easy understanding by the employees, if there is any conflict or varied interpretation of the policy in vernacular language, the interpretation of English version shall prevail.

Our People Development Platforms

We identify and develop high-potential talent and provide them with accelerated learning and growth opportunities.
We provide on-the-job training, digital learning from anytime, anywhere, as well as coaching to bring out the fullest potential in our employees.
Some of our programmes include:

Career Acceleration Programme (CAP)

Reliance’s flagship leadership development programme that identifies high-potential talent through rigorous evaluation and supports their development to fast-track their growth.

Annual Talent Review (ATR)

Our Annual Talent Review helps identify high-calibre employees. As part of the process, we assess potential and chart out a development plan for all mid- to senior-level employees.


An end-to-end digital learning journey that aims to build transitional leadership capability for First Level, Senior Level and Group Leader roles.


FLYER is a “Structured Development Intervention” to equip Reliance engineers with requisite skills and knowledge to build their careers at Reliance.


Spectrum is our annual festival to celebrate the culture of continuous learning at Reliance. Held over the course of several weeks, Spectrum draws participation from thousands of employees and family members, who engage in a variety of fun and intensive learning activities, where one could learn anything right from how to play the flute to how to beat pollution.

In addition, Reliance offers several specialized in-house academies, learning partners, and various learning and development resources, such as Coursera and LinkedIn Learning for continuous, on-the-job, growth and development.

Nurturing Young Talent

We nurture young talent by offering fresh graduates from campuses to join the organisation and contribute to its expansive ecosystem.

The Ultimate Pitch

Reliance's flagship B-School engagement programme 'The Ultimate Pitch' encourages entrepreneurial thinking and innovation among India’s youth. TUP’s 8th season received 15,300+ registrations and 1,300+ entrepreneurial ideas from 450+ business schools.

Graduate Engineer Trainee (GET)

In this programme, engineering trainees are given exposure in functional and cross-functional areas that help them build greater functional and business awareness.

Reliance Emerging Leaders Programme (RELP)

This programme provides young managerial recruits extensive cross-functional experience through live projects and learning assignments over two years. What makes the programme unique is the strong support system of senior leaders.

Base Camp

Base Camp onboards new hires by quickly acclimatising them to our culture and helping them with a smooth transition. Our “Discover Reliance” programme is offered both as a virtual session and self-paced learning module.

Employee Engagement & Welfare

A positive, empathetic, and enjoyable workplace is what drives us to bring our fullest selves to work every day.

Reliance Family Day (RFD)

RFD is one of the biggest corporate celebrations in India, held in commemoration of the birth anniversary of our Founder-Chairman, Shri Dhirubhai Ambani. This star-studded extravaganza features a host of indoor and outdoor activities for our employees and their families as we reflect on our collective achievements as #OneRelianceFamily and envision a way ahead.


R-Swasthya provides for preventive, curative and promotive aspects of not only the physical but emotional, mental, spiritual and financial aspects of wellness. Initiatives are designed to educate employees about lifestyle modifications to prevent early cases and complications of chronic lifestyle disorders.

Employee Assistance Programme

Reliance’s Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) provides preventative as well as remedial mental health and counselling services for employees and family members to help them with their overall psychological well-being.

Employees or their family members can reach out to our EAP partner via email, phone, or through the JioHealthHub app.

Services are free of cost and completely confidential.


The Change Agents for Safety Health and Environment (CASHE) movement is a step towards inculcating the best practices in the field of occupational health, safety and environment. Through monthly and yearly reviews, and a project charter, CASHE helps create a culture of healthy and safe workplace.


Reliance Employee and Family Emergency Response Services (REFERS) offers continuous assistance in case of any medical, accident, fire or security exigencies.