Oil and Gas Exploration & Production

Securing India’s energy needs. Accelerating towards a greener gas economy.

Our quest to secure India’s energy needs led us to explore and discover Oil & Gas fields in deep-sea waters. In 2002-2003, we made a significant deep-sea discovery of gas reserves in the Krishna Godavari basin—the KG D6 Block.

Further discoveries in the KG D6 Block have bolstered India’s energy security, accelerated India’s transition towards a greener gas economy, and made us a pioneer in oil and gas exploration and production. The KG D6 fields are India's first deep-water fields. Oil production in KG D6 fields became the world’s fastest green-field deep-water oil development project.

Reliance and bp are bringing three more deep-water fields onto production, setting new global benchmarks for global costs. With water depths of >2,000m, the R Cluster field in KG D6 Block is the deepest offshore producing field in Asia and India’s first ultra-deep-water field. R Cluster, Satellite Cluster, and MJ fields are together expected to produce 30 million metric standard cubic metres per day (MMSCMD) of gas by FY2024 and contribute ~30% of gas production in India.

RIL’s Coal Bed Methane (CBM) fields in Sohagpur, MP is India’s largest surface footprint hydrocarbon project.

Samudra Manthan

Reliance discovered hydrocarbon resources in the KG D6 Block on the East Coast of India. The KG D6 facility is an engineering marvel of a kind, built with state-of-the-art technology. It has become a hub for further oil and gas infrastructure development on the East Coast. Since its inception, the block has supplied nearly 2.8 trillion cubic feet of natural gas and about 33 million barrels of crude oil to consumers in the country. This has substituted over US$ 40 billion of energy imports – saving precious foreign exchange for India.

Greener Gas Economy

Through our joint venture with bp, we have put on production two more deep-water fields in the KG D6 Block – R Cluster and Satellite Cluster. A third field, MJ, commenced production in 1Q FY24.

These fields are expected to produce nearly one Billion Cubic Feet Equivalent (BCFe) a day by FY2024, accounting for 30% of India’s gas production, and will emerge as a major contributor to India’s energy security, particularly in times of significant global energy crisis.

We have also formed a joint venture company with bp – India Gas Solutions – for sourcing and marketing gas in India.

This will significantly reduce India’s dependence on imported gas and meet our country’s growing clean energy requirements.

Coal Bed Methane

Reliance has two coal bed methane (CBM) blocks in Madhya Pradesh spread across 995 square km. This is the largest surface footprint project in the E&P sector in India. Production from the CBM fields commenced in 2017. Currently, around 300 wells are on production.

Our subsidiary company, Reliance Gas Pipeline Limited, operates the 302 km Shahdol-Phulpur Pipeline from Shahdol (MP) to Phulpur (UP) connecting to India’s gas grid. With the development of CBM blocks, Reliance has become the largest player in the unconventional energy sector in India.