Financial Statement of Subsidiaries- 2021-22
PDF 7-India Convenience Retail Limited
PDF Aaidea Solutions Limited
PDF ABC Cable Network Private Limited
PDF Abraham and Thakore Exports Private Limited
PDF Actoserba Active Wholesale Limited
PDF Addverb Technologies BV
PDF Addverb Technologies Private Limited
PDF Addverb Technologies Pte Limited
PDF Addverb Technologies Pty Ltd
PDF Addverb Technologies USA Inc.
PDF Adventure Marketing Private Limited
PDF AETN18 Media Private Limited
PDF Affinity USA LLC
PDF Amante India Private Limited
PDF Angel Cable Network Private Limited
PDF Asteria Aerospace Limited
PDF Aurora Algae LLC
PDF Bali Den Cable Network Limited
PDF Bhadohi DEN Entertainment Private Limited
PDF C-Square Info-Solutions Private Limited
PDF Cab-i-Net Communications Private Limited
PDF Channels India Network Private Limited
PDF Chennai Cable Vision Network Private Limited
PDF Colorful Media Private Limited
PDF Colosceum Media Private Limited
PDF Dadha Pharma Distribution Private Limited
PDF DEN Ambey Cable Networks Private Limited
PDF DEN BCN Suncity Network Limited
PDF DEN Broadband Limited
PDF Den Budaun Cable Network Private Limited
PDF Den Digital Cable Network Limited
PDF Den Discovery Digital Networks Private Limited
PDF Den Enjoy Cable Networks Private Limited
PDF Den Enjoy Navaratan Network Private Limited
PDF DEN Enjoy SBNM Cable Network Private Limited
PDF Den F K Cable TV Network Private Limited
PDF Den Fateh Marketing Private Limited
PDF Den Kashi Cable Network Limited
PDF Den Maa Sharda Vision Cable Networks Limited
PDF Den Mahendra Satellite Private Limited
PDF Den Malabar Cable Vision Limited
PDF Den Malayalam Telenet Private Limited
PDF Den Mod Max Cable Network Private Limited
PDF Den Nashik City Cable Network Private Limited
PDF Den Networks Limited
PDF DEN Pawan Cable Network Limited
PDF Den Premium Multilink Cable Network Private Limited
PDF Den Rajkot City Communication Private Limited
PDF Den Satellite Cable TV Network Limited
PDF Den Saya Channel Network Limited
PDF DEN STN Television Network Private Limited
PDF Den Supreme Satellite Vision Private Limited
PDF Den Varun Cable Network Limited
PDF Den-Manoranjan Satellite Private Limited
PDF Digital18 Media Limited
PDF Divya Drishti Den Cable Network Private Limited
PDF Drashti Cable Network Limited
PDF Dronagiri Bokadvira East Infra Limited
PDF Dronagiri Bokadvira North Infra Limited
PDF Dronagiri Bokadvira South Infra Limited
PDF Dronagiri Bokadvira West Infra Limited
PDF Dronagiri Dongri East Infra Limited
PDF Dronagiri Dongri North Infra Limited
PDF Dronagiri Dongri South Infra Limited
PDF Dronagiri Dongri West Infra Limited
PDF Dronagiri Funde East Infra Limited
PDF Dronagiri Funde North Infra Limited
PDF Dronagiri Funde South Infra Limited
PDF Dronagiri Funde West Infra Limited
PDF Dronagiri Navghar East Infra Limited
PDF Dronagiri Navghar North First Infra Limited
PDF Dronagiri Navghar North Infra Limited
PDF Dronagiri Navghar North Second Infra Limited
PDF Dronagiri Navghar South First Infra Limited
PDF Dronagiri Navghar South Infra Limited
PDF Dronagiri Navghar South Second Infra Limited
PDF Dronagiri Navghar West Infra Limited
PDF Dronagiri Pagote East Infra Limited
PDF Dronagiri Pagote North First Infra Limited
PDF Dronagiri Pagote North Infra Limited
PDF Dronagiri Pagote North Second Infra Limited
PDF Dronagiri Pagote South First Infra Limited
PDF Dronagiri Pagote South Infra Limited
PDF Dronagiri Pagote West Infra Limited
PDF Dronagiri Panje East Infra Limited
PDF Dronagiri Panje North Infra Limited
PDF Dronagiri Panje South Infra Limited
PDF Dronagiri Panje West Infra Limited
PDF Limited
PDF Elite Cable Network Private Limited
PDF Eminent Cable Network Private Limited
PDF Enercent Technologies Private Limited
PDF Faradion Limited
PDF Faradion UG
PDF Foodhall Franchises Limited
PDF Football Sports Development Limited
PDF Future Lifestyles Franchisee Limited
PDF Futuristic Media and Entertainment Limited
PDF Galaxy Den Media & Entertainment Private Limited
PDF Genesis Colors Limited
PDF Genesis La Mode Private Limited
PDF GLB Body Care Private Limited
PDF GLF Lifestyle Brands Private Limited
PDF GML India Fashion Private Limited
PDF Grab A Grub Services Private Limited
PDF Greycells18 Media Limited
PDF Hamleys (Franchising) Limited
PDF Hamleys Asia Limited
PDF Hamleys of London Limited
PDF Hamleys Toys (Ireland) Limited
PDF Hathway Bhawani Cabletel & Datacom Limited
PDF Hathway Cable and Datacom Limited
PDF Hathway Digital Limited
PDF Hathway Kokan Crystal Cable Network Limited
PDF Hathway Mantra Cable & Datacom Limited
PDF Hathway Nashik Cable Network Private Limited
PDF IndiaCast Media Distribution Private Limited
PDF IndiaCast UK Limited
PDF IndiaCast US Limited
PDF Indiavidual Learning Limited
PDF Indiawin Sports Private Limited
PDF Infomedia Press Limited
PDF Intelligent Supply Chain Infrastructure Management Private Limited
PDF Intimi India Private Limited
PDF Jaisuryas Retail Ventures Private Limited
PDF JD International Pte. Ltd.
PDF Jio Cable and Broadband Holdings Private Limited
PDF Jio Content Distribution Holdings Private Limited
PDF Jio Digital Distribution Holdings Private Limited
PDF Jio Estonia OÜ
PDF Jio Futuristic Digital Holdings Private Limited
PDF Jio Haptik Technologies Limited
PDF Jio Information Aggregator Services Limited
PDF Jio Infrastructure Management Services Limited
PDF Jio Internet Distribution Holdings Private Limited
PDF Jio Limited
PDF Jio Media Limited
PDF Jio Platforms Limited
PDF Jio Satellite Communications Limited
PDF Jio Space Technology Limited
PDF Jio Television Distribution Holdings Private Limited
PDF Jio Things Limited
PDF Just Dial Inc.
PDF Just Dial Limited
PDF Kalamboli East Infra Limited
PDF Kalamboli North First Infra Limited
PDF Kalamboli North Infra Limited
PDF Kalamboli North Second Infra Limited
PDF Kalamboli North Third Infra Limited
PDF Kalamboli South First Infra Limited
PDF Kalamboli South Infra Limited
PDF Kalamboli West Infra Limited
PDF Kalanikethan Fashions Private Limited
PDF Kalanikethan Silks Private Limited
PDF Kishna Den Cable Networks Private Limited
PDF Kutch New Energy Projects Limited
PDF Libra Cable Network Limited
PDF M Entertainments Private Limited
PDF Mahadev Den Cable Network Limited
PDF Mahavir Den Entertainment Private Limited
PDF Maitri Cable Network Private Limited
PDF Mansion Cable Network Private Limited
PDF MAS Brands Exports (Private) Limited
PDF MAS Brands Lanka (Private) Limited
PDF Media18 Distribution Services Limited
PDF Meerut Cable Network Private Limited
PDF Mesindus Ventures Limited
PDF Mindex 1 Limited
PDF Model Economic Township Limited
PDF Moneycontrol.Dot Com India Limited
PDF Multitrack Cable Network Private Limited
PDF MYJD Private Limited
PDF Netmeds Marketplace Limited
PDF Network18 Media & Investments Limited
PDF New Emerging World of Journalism Limited
PDF Nilgiris Stores Limited
PDF Nowfloats Technologies Private Limited
PDF Radiant Satellite (India) Private Limited
PDF Radisys B.V.
PDF Radisys Canada Inc.
PDF Radisys Cayman Limited
PDF Radisys Convedia (Ireland) Limited
PDF Radisys Corporation
PDF Radisys GmbH
PDF Radisys India Limited
PDF Radisys International LLC
PDF Radisys International Singapore Pte. Ltd.
PDF Radisys Spain S.L.U.
PDF Radisys Systems Equipment Trading (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.
PDF Radisys Technologies (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd.
PDF Radisys UK Limited
PDF RB Holdings Private Limited
PDF RB Media Holdings Private Limited
PDF RB Mediasoft Private Limited
PDF RBML Solutions India Limited
PDF REC Americas LLC
PDF REC ScanModule Sweden AB
PDF REC Solar (Japan) Co., Ltd.
PDF REC Solar France SAS
PDF REC Solar Holdings AS
PDF REC Solar Norway AS
PDF REC Solar Pte. Ltd.
PDF REC Systems (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
PDF REC Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
PDF REC US Holdings, Inc.
PDF Recron (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.
PDF Reliance 4IR Realty Development Limited
PDF Reliance Ambit Trade Private Limited
PDF Reliance BP Mobility Limited
PDF Reliance Brands Holding UK Limited
PDF Reliance Brands Limited
PDF Reliance Brands Luxury Fashion Private Limited
PDF Reliance Carbon Fibre Cylinder Limited
PDF Reliance Clothing India Private Limited
PDF Reliance Commercial Dealers Limited
PDF Reliance Comtrade Private Limited
PDF Reliance Content Distribution Limited
PDF Reliance Corporate IT Park Limited
PDF Reliance Digital Health Limited
PDF Reliance Digital Health USA Inc.
PDF Reliance Eagleford Upstream GP LLC
PDF Reliance Eagleford Upstream Holding LP
PDF Reliance Eagleford Upstream LLC
PDF Reliance Eminent Trading & Commercial Private Limited
PDF Reliance Ethane Holding Pte Limited
PDF Reliance Ethane Pipeline Limited
PDF Reliance Exploration & Production DMCC
PDF Reliance GAS Lifestyle India Private Limited
PDF Reliance Gas Pipelines Limited
PDF Reliance Global Energy Services (Singapore) Pte. Limited
PDF Reliance Global Energy Services Limited
PDF Reliance GrandOptical Private Limited
PDF Reliance Hydrogen Electrolysis Limited
PDF Reliance Hydrogen Fuel Cell Limited
PDF Reliance Industrial Investments and Holdings Limited
PDF Reliance Industries (Middle East) DMCC
PDF Reliance Innovative Building Solutions Private Limited
PDF Reliance International Limited
PDF Reliance Jio Global Resources LLC
PDF Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited
PDF Reliance Jio Infocomm Pte. Limited
PDF Reliance Jio Infocomm UK Limited
PDF Reliance Jio Infocomm USA Inc.
PDF Reliance Jio Media Limited
PDF Reliance Jio Messaging Services Limited
PDF Reliance Lifestyle Products Private Limited
PDF Reliance Marcellus II LLC
PDF Reliance Marcellus LLC
PDF Reliance New Energy Carbon Fibre Cylinder Limited
PDF Reliance New Energy Hydrogen Electrolysis Limited
PDF Reliance New Energy Hydrogen Fuel Cell Limited
PDF Reliance New Energy Limited
PDF Reliance New Energy Power Electronics Limited
PDF Reliance New Energy Storage Limited
PDF Reliance New Solar Energy Limited
PDF Reliance O2C Limited
PDF Reliance Payment Solutions Limited
PDF Reliance Petro Marketing Limited
PDF Reliance Petroleum Retail Limited
PDF Reliance Power Electronics Limited
PDF Reliance Progressive Traders Private Limited
PDF Reliance Projects & Property Management Services Limited
PDF Reliance Prolific Commercial Private Limited
PDF Reliance Prolific Traders Private Limited
PDF Reliance Retail and Fashion Lifestyle Limited
PDF Reliance Retail Finance Limited
PDF Reliance Retail Insurance Broking Limited
PDF Reliance Retail Limited
PDF Reliance Retail Ventures Limited
PDF Reliance Ritu Kumar Private Limited
PDF Reliance Sibur Elastomers Private Limited
PDF Reliance SMSL Limited
PDF Reliance Storage Limited
PDF Reliance Strategic Business Ventures Limited
PDF Reliance Strategic Investments Limited
PDF Reliance Syngas Limited
PDF Reliance Universal Traders Private Limited
PDF Reliance Vantage Retail Limited
PDF Reliance Ventures Limited
PDF Reverie Language Technologies Limited
PDF RISE Worldwide Limited
PDF Ritu Kumar ME (FZE)
PDF Roptonal Limited
PDF Rose Entertainment Private Limited
PDF RP Chemicals (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.
PDF RRB Mediasoft Private Limited
PDF Saavn Inc.
PDF Saavn Media Limited
PDF SankhyaSutra Labs Limited
PDF Shopsense Retail Technologies Limited
PDF Shri Kannan Departmental Store Limited
PDF Silverline Television Network Limited
PDF skyTran Inc.
PDF Srishti Den Networks Limited
PDF Stoke Park Limited
PDF Strand Life Sciences Private Limited
PDF Surajya Services Limited
PDF Surela Investment And Trading Limited
PDF Tesseract Imaging Limited
PDF The Indian Film Combine Private Limited
PDF Tira Beauty Limited
PDF Tresara Health Limited
PDF TV18 Broadcast Limited
PDF Ulwe East Infra Limited
PDF Ulwe North Infra Limited
PDF Ulwe South Infra Limited
PDF Ulwe Waterfront East Infra Limited
PDF Ulwe Waterfront North Infra Limited
PDF Ulwe Waterfront South Infra Limited
PDF Ulwe Waterfront West Infra Limited
PDF Ulwe West Infra Limited
PDF Urban Ladder Home Décor Solutions Limited
PDF VasyERP Solutions Private Limited
PDF VBS Digital Distribution Network Limited
PDF Viacom 18 Media (UK) Limited
PDF Viacom 18 Media Private Limited
PDF Viacom 18 US Inc.
PDF Vitalic Health Private Limited
PDF Watermark Infratech Private Limited
PDF Web18 Digital Services Limited

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