Our petrochemicals business creates more than just products, it generates experiences that shape and enhance lifestyles.

Reliance is the largest producer of petrochemicals in the country and amongst the top ten in the world. With  a unique portfolio of B2B businesses spread across polymer and polyester chains,  Reliance produces an extensive range of polymers (PP,PE, PVC), elastomers (PBR, SBR, Butyl), polyesters (PSF, PFY, IDY), aromatics (PX, OX, BT, LAB), fibre-intermediates (PTA, MEG, EO) and advanced materials (composites). Reliance serves its global customers through an extensive network of offices, business partners and distributors spread across the world.

It is our constant endeavour to harness the power of chemistry and develop product solutions and experiences for our customers that enable them to develop a range of applications – apparel, packaging, agriculture, automotive, housing, industrial and healthcare, among others. Our customer-centric, comprehensive solutions such as project identification, new product design, product and market development, raw material selection and testing – besides a host of industry-specific​ solutions – have helped us grow into a world leader for most of our product categories.

We are the world's largest integrated producer of polyester fibre and yarn, second-largest of paraxylene and among the top ten for purified terephthalic acid, mono-ethylene glycol and polypropylene. We are also the largest producer of synthetic elastomers in India and have world’s largest Refinery Off-Gas Cracker (ROGC) complex of 1.5 MMTPA ethylene capacity at Jamnagar in Gujarat, India.

Reliance continues to set global benchmarks in product quality, standards and services. Superior technologies, a strong focus on R&D, latest IT-enabled services and end-to-end solutions across the value chain reinforce our industry leadership.

Reliance Petrochemicals creates more than just products – we are driven by the conviction that the complicated science of all that we do is ultimate responsible for everyday happiness of millions of people, influencing and enhancing lifestyles. We call it ‘Chemistry for Smiles’.

Overview of Our Petrochemical Business

Our Business Sectors


We offer a wide range of grades for diverse applications across sectors such as packaging, agriculture, automotive, healthcare, transportation and consumer durables and these products are exported to more than 60 countries worldwide. Know More


We are the largest integrated producer of polyester fibre and yarn in the world. We focus on constantly developing and introducing innovative products for the textile industry and have made significant investments in R&D. Know More


We produce a range of synthetic rubbers under the brand names Relflex™ and Impramer™ (through Reliance Sibur Elastomers). These are used across a variety of applications, including tyres, footwear, sports goods, rollers and mechanical fenders etc. Know More

Fiber Intermediates

We are amongst the largest producers of fiber intermediates globally for Purified Terephthalic Acid (PTA), Ethylene Glycols (EG) and Ethylene Oxide (EO). With world-scale plants and best-in-class technology, we have the highest volume share in the Indian market. Know More


Aromatics are the cyclic unsaturated hydrocarbons containing one or more benzene rings. This is one of our major product lines. We recently commissioned additional facilities for paraxylene and benzene to enhance our capacity to serve customers globally. Know More

Composites Solutions

We offer composites solutions for a variety of applications like wind energy, railways, aerospace and infrastructure, where the materials need to be lightweight but have steel-like strength. Know More


RelWood™ an innovation brought to India by Reliance promises to change the environment around us. It looks like wood, feels like wood, can be worked upon like wood, but is tougher and greener.

RelWood™ is a natural fibre polymer composite material which can give the look and feel of wood while overcoming its drawbacks. Made with German technology, it has a unique homogeneous bonding between natural fibre and polymer. This creates a material that is virtually indistinguishable from tropical wood in terms of optics and haptic properties and at the same time is resistant to water, sun, wind and cold that does not splinter – even after many years. It is 100% recyclable, waterproof, low maintenance and is also resistant to termites, mould and fungi.

RelWood™ is available in the form of sheets (RelWood™ UPB) and also profiles of various shapes and can be used in a variety of applications like furniture, door, flooring, decking, wall cladding or façade.

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As an industry leader and a pioneer, the polyester division of RIL is always looking at ways to come up with value-added, easy-care, and more comfortable fabrics for the common man.

Following extensive research and development, and using its expertise in fibre re-engineering, RIL has created R|Elan™ – a portfolio of speciality fabrics. It is a perfect blend of art and smart, with fabrics providing enhanced aesthetics, performance and comfort. Through these fabrics R|Elan™ aims to cater to all consumers across all apparel segments – active wear, denim, formal wear and womenswear. These fabrics have been created with active participation of HEP (hub excellence program) partners, spread across various textile centres of India.

R|ELan™ aims to create a robust fibre-to-fabric value chain to ensure that these innovations match the commercial expectations of fashion brands. R|Elan fabrics will be presented to consumers with leading domestic and international brands in the form of co-branded apparels.

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RelX is the advanced composite materials brand of Reliance Industries Ltd.

The advance material division manufactures resin and technical fabrics as well as fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) finished components. These materials are gaining fast acceptance due to light weighting, corrosion protection, flame retardant characteristics, chemical resistance, lower maintenance and extended service life.

FRP/CFRP composites which are either based on fibre material such as Glass, Carbon and Aramid cater to a wide set of application in sectors such power, renewable energy, oil and gas, electrical and electronics, telecommunication, defence, aviation, ship building, mass transportation, automobile, roads and infrastructure, construction and disaster management, industrial and municipal piping, etc.

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Global Demand for Excellence

Our global presence allows us to support our customer aspirations everywhere. Some of the leading, most discerning global companies are Reliance customers.

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