Health, Safety & Environment

Reliance’s endeavour to create a culture of safety, health and environment saw a new light with the implementation of Change Agents for Safety, Health and workplace Environment (CASHe). This project has garnered enough strength to make safety and health a priority in the workplace, and improved occupational safety and health significantly. Reliance’s HSE Management System has established company-wide safety management objectives and processes for improving operational discipline and evolving inherent safety measures for plant operation. In addition, the Central HSE audit programme — a critical component of the HSE governance process — is designed to ensure that the HSE Management Standards are implemented, and best practices followed and shared across the Reliance Group.

Reliance is also committed to ensuring environmentally sustainable and responsible operations to achieve highest standards of excellence. Our manufacturing divisions have not only instituted internationally accepted Environmental Management System based on ISO-14001, but the major sites are also integrated with Quality Management and Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems.

For instance, we have set up Occupational Health Centres for emergency and curative services and are also focusing on emotional well-being through our "Work-Life Project". We continuously standardise and upgrade systems to reach our target of zero injuries and incidents. We also remain deeply committed to the cause of environmental protection, and have rainwater harvesting programmes and three-tier environmental audits in place, among other systems.

Health, Safety and Environment Policy

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