Fraud Alert

Fraud Alert

Corporate recruitment frauds have become widespread and have been increasing exponentially over the years. We at Reliance Industries Ltd. and its Group Companies have observed a trend wherein certain fraudsters have been approaching innocent job seekers and promising them lucrative job offers in our group companies. Once a potential applicant is taken into confidence, these fraudsters ask them to make payments to a designated bank account, quoting many mandatory preludes to the actual appointment or interview.

  • Here’s how it works: The initial payment demands are generally in small amounts so that the aspirant is not alerted and takes it in stride.
  • Once the victim responds, the fraudster slowly increases the amount, with the dates coming closer to the designated interview or appointment.
  • At times large amounts are demanded on the pretext of providing an initial start-up kit, for instance a laptop.
  • Besides money, these fraudsters have been seeking personal information to process the application. This data is invariably later sold in the market.

Through this Fraud Alert we wish to caution all potential job seekers that Reliance Industries Ltd. and its Group Companies:

  • Does not charge any job seeker any money or deposit for giving employment offers and interviews or for providing initial start-up kit, for instance a laptop, uniform, security deposit or for conducting COVID tests.
  • Does not appoint any Agent, Agency or Individual to make or issue offers of employment or provide any kind of benefits on its behalf.
  • Does not ask for personal documents like marksheets, PAN Card, Aadhaar Card, CV to be shared through WhatsApp or by filling up online forms
  • Does not communicate using personal email IDs like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, etc. All official communications related to employment are done using an email address ending with "" or ""
  • Does not provide any jobs, where one is required to send any SMSs.

Any job seeker dealing with such an Agency, Employment Portal or Individual will be doing so solely at his or her own risk and Reliance Industries Ltd. and its Group Companies shall not be responsible for any damages suffered in the process, directly or indirectly.

A job seeker can also verify the authenticity of their offer letter through the official website of Reliance Industries Ltd., Retail or JIO, as applicable.

It will be in our mutual interest that should there be any suspicious activity pertaining to fraudulent enrolment noticed, it be reported to our, Head – Fraud & Misconduct Investigations at

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